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On market a lot of more current with the bank special or machine of intelligent dot bank note is promoted to the user, let the user understands and buy the appropriate machine that order paper money, from the following angle the analysis comes machine of bank note of dot of choose and buy:
One, the basic function of the machine that order paper money:
1, Zhang Shu of check the amount; 2, detect monetary true bogus
2, the means of bogus of a few kinds of check of the machine that order paper money:
1, analysis of safe line magnetism detects
By the long magnetic head among is finished. Have two kinds of kinds: ① detects only safe line has magneticly with without; ② , detect whether does the distributinging rule of safe line magnetism agree with true bank note, can detect piece more or less or consistent, and can according to this rule differentiate the money that is how many par value (it is better that this detects) .
2, fluorescence detects
Undertake to monetary paper quality through fluorescence true and false detects. Monetary paper passes special processing when production. Such paper reacts without fluorescence, fluorescence detects even if use this one character to come to what undertake true and false to the money to detect, the machine that has fluorescent reaction can call the police clew.
3, magnetism detects
By or so both sides two groups of magnetic heads are finished. Through detecting monetary magnetism comes differentiate true and false, detect with safe line the principle is same.
4, infrared ray detects
Detect to the infra-red value of all sorts of denomination moneys through infrared ray, the money of denomination of avery kind of has his corresponding infra-red value.
5, width detects
By the code dish with counter tube photograph union detects the width with par money.
3, the status of a few kinds of jobs of the machine that order paper money
1, intelligence; 2, beforehand buy; 3, cumulative; 4, (mix a dot, cent edition) ; 5, (check the amount, computation, fluorescent) ; 6, magnetic.
① intelligence: It is the means of all check bogus that shows this machines and tools has;
② beforehand buy: Outside dividing intelligent function, increased beforehand the function of buy Zhang Shu;
③ is cumulative: Outside dividing intelligent function, increased the function of cumulative Zhang Shu;
④ mixes dot and cent edition: Through key-press the choice controls the switch of this condition, this function basically is pair of 04 edition and the clear dispenses of 05 edition mix a dot;
⑤ check the amount, computation, fluorescent: Carry key-press option, here functional condition falls, commonly only one is plant the simplest, the basiccest fluorescence detects, this function basically is to use check the amount all sorts of bill and soft, incorrect its undertake true and false detects, only Zhang Shu of check the amount is used;
⑥ magnetism: This function shows in some machine screen appears and when having fluorescence or computation or state of function of check the amount at the same time, explain this machine is common model machine.
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