How is the machine that order paper money maintained

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Maintaining the aircraft that order paper money is a need the job of certain and professional knowledge and skill, need maintains technical personnel to finish by what produce manufacturer major. But occasionally, to selecting a few small issues that bank note machine appears, the non-professional also can be repaired. What kind of breakdown user introduces to be able to be handled by oneself below.

When the problem that occurrence computation of the machine that order paper money forbids, want to consider those who cause to do not have the reason that remove dust for ages above all, clear first dirt. If clear later irreclaimable still normal word, the likelihood is fragile had arrived service life, can change fragile, after be being changed readjust, can return to normal commonly.
The problem that does not call the police to bogus of fluorescent ancient bronze mirror, can adjust first the sensitivity of bogus of fluorescent ancient bronze mirror (specific means is written very clearly on operation instruction handbook commonly) . If still insoluble, can try to change ultraviolet tube. If change,tube is mixed adjust the word that all disables, ask professional maintenance technician with respect to need, go doing further processing by them.
Show to switching on the mobile phone to be not had later, majority of this kind of breakdown and power source are relative. Whether does the electrical outlet that can examine power source have report, change an electrical outlet to try; If still be no good, whether has been the electrical outlet that can check a machine inserted, whether was the fuse of the machine already broken. If be not checked,give a reason, that asks professional maintenance technician processing with respect to need.
If breakdown appears to hint after where sleave machine? A lot of machine that order paper money have breakdown to diagnose a function oneself now, him machine after switching on the mobile phone can detect have trouble. But, this kind detects itself also has malfunctioning case. Need to check the stuff that what remains not to belong to a machine inside the machine at this moment, than if whether have the thing such as soft broken horn,holding off the sensor of the machine, of the machine dismountable the part is done not have superior etc. After removing these conditions still insoluble problem, the maintenance technician that asks major with respect to need then will maintain.
Beyond the breakdown that mentions besides above, the machine appears possibly still other breakdown. But no matter appear what circumstance, whether is because,should affirming above all sundry drop what cause inside the machine, if not be, relatively the maintenance technician that the method of on the safe side asks manufacturer major namely will maintain, in order to make machine error gets complete settlement as early as possible.