Examine the machine ordering paper money that much money plants is born

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My12345 learns, examining in domestic bank system when the abroad money such as the dollar, basically still rely on to identify artificially, machine of check bank note basically is used at the big setting that the RMB examines, on December 11, 2006, tsinghua university combination happens a kind about business research and development can the machine ordering paper money of the money such as autoverify dollar, euro, RMB. This machine still can is opposite soft undertake automatic bundle up and bogus of ancient bronze mirror.

Current, the opportunity ordering paper money that China creates held the whole world major market share, but the core competition ability that how enhances a product, it is the biggest challenge that orgnaization of research and development of equipment of Chinese dot bank note and manufacturing company face all the time. Science and technology of Tsinghua university, catalpa elder brother (Hangzhou) the college such as limited company and company of financial equipment production, aim at have international the efficient and general, new-style equipment ordering paper money of advanced level, begin a technology to tackle key problem, score a success finally.

According to introducing, this one new-style function that order paper money is quite right those who had nodded is soft undertake automatic bundle up, improved labor efficiency already, reduced the labor intensity of handlers again; Still can examine a variety of moneys such as RMB, dollar, euro, Hongkong dollar, seasonable discovery money of false coin, falsification, connect piece of money, clip piece money, incomplete money.

Especially seductive is, this kind of machine that order paper money has RMB number to identify record system automatically, can the uniqueness according to soft number, seasonable discovery is in current soft with be robbed soft consistent, be concerned case thereby detect clue.