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At present the on market a lot of machine that order paper money with the bank machine of special feature bank note, intelligence nods bank note machine to promote the introduction, but the basic case that more or less knows the machine that order paper money truly does our sacred client have? To invite our client real knowledge orders bank note aircraft, buy appropriate oneself order bank note aircraft, my12345 will look from more professional point of view how him choose and buy the machine that order paper money:

One, the basic function of the machine that order paper money

1, Zhang Shu of check the amount; 2, detect monetary true bogus

2, the means of bogus of a few kinds of check of the machine that order paper money

1, analysis of safe line magnetism detects

By the long magnetic head among is finished. Have two kinds of kinds 1, detect only the having of safe line magnetism and without; 2, detect whether does the distributinging rule of safe line magnetism agree with true bank note, can detect piece more or less or consistent, and can according to this rule differentiate the money that is how many par value. The 2nd kind of type uses money of bogus of ancient bronze mirror, apparent better.

2, fluorescence detects

Undertake to monetary paper quality through fluorescence true and false detects. Special processing is passed when monetary paper is being produced. Such paper reacts without fluorescence, fluorescence detects even if use this one character to come to what undertake true and false to the money to detect, the machine that has fluorescent reaction can call the police clew.

3, magnetism detects

By or so both sides two groups of magnetic heads are finished. Through detecting monetary magnetism comes differentiate true and false, detect with safe line the principle is same.

4, infrared ray detects

Undertake detecting through infrared ray to the infra-red value of all sorts of denomination moneys, the money of denomination of avery kind of has its oneself corresponding infra-red value.

5, width detects
By the code dish with counter tube photograph union detects the width with par money.

Means of bogus of check of machine of bank note of dot of national level regulation is in at least 3 kinds of above. Certain product boasts the number detects, spectrum detects, my12345 thinks this is paronomasia, it is means of afore-mentioned bogus of ancient bronze mirror change a kind of view, do not have substantial thing.

3, the status of a few kinds of jobs of the machine that order paper money

1, intelligence; 2, beforehand buy; 3, cumulative; 4, (mix a dot, cent edition) ; 5, (check the amount, computation, fluorescent) ; 6, magnetic. Note: Each condition states the meaning is same in bracket.
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