Nod research of principle of bogus of ancient bronze mirror of bank note machine

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The working principle that magnetism detects is to use true paper money of bedding face forehead (20, 50, 100 yuan) certain place is to use magnetic printing ink to presswork, undertake detecting to the magnetism of athletic money through a group of magnetic head, undertake an analysis to magnetism through circuit, can discern the true and false of money. Detect in magnetism in, requirement magnetic head and money grind good. Magnetic head is exorbitant a concussion signal is big, cause sign up for by accident; Magnetic head is too small a signal is weak, cause fail to report sth. The height through controlling magnetic head (mix by treatment assemble assure) and bank note rubber tyre is pressed to be able to be satisfied in outfit of magnetic head upper part detect need.

The magnetism of the RMB detects the method can divide it is 4 kinds:

(1) detect have without magnetism. The machine ordering paper money on the market uses this kind of method more, because build easy, differentiate of counterfeit money of this kind of method gives reason rate is low. It is machine of average drop bank note more
(2) distributing by magnetism dry what detects magnetic. Use group or shunt of two 3 groups of magnetic head to detect magnetic, differentiate bogus level can increase a class, the part on the market nods bank note machine to use this kind of method.
(3) detect tinsel of RMB of the 5th edition is magnetic. Detect in magnetism in if can use this character, will raise differentiate bogus level greatly.
(4) detect horizontal number of RMB of the 5th edition is magnetic. At present the level stays in detect have without magnetism. Because horizontal number is a group of numbers that contain certain magnetism, if be opposite,the magnetic amount of horizontal number and size undertake detecting, differentiate bogus level can rise greatly. Our company have a variety of types to order bank note aircraft, differ according to having detect the machine of the level that order paper money, click please examine.

Infra-red and penetrable job principle is the paper that uses a RMB solidder, density is higher and with sunken imprint ply of technical black-and-white printing ink is taller, consequently to the absorption of infra-red signal capacity discerns more by force the true and false of money. The paper feature of the paper feature of the RMB and counterfeit money has certain difference, when undertaking penetrating detecting to money with infra-red signal, they to the absorption of infra-red signal ability will differ, use this one principle, can realize differentiate bogus. Those who need an attention is, the color of printing ink and ply can create the difference of infra-red and penetrable ability likewise. Accordingly, must be opposite infra-red and penetrable detected signal has mathematical operation and trade off study.

Laser detects is to show the infra-red laser that uses certain wavelengh takes the fluorescent word that shoots RMB of the 5th edition to go up, can make fluorescent word produces the laser of certain wavelengh, carry pair of this laser detect can discern the true and false of money. Because be modelled on difficult, reason is used at differentiate bogus very accurate. Note: The article is mixed by My12345 collect arrange.
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