Nod research of principle of bogus of ancient bronze mirror of bank note machine

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Transmission part can introduce odd electric machinery or drive of double electric machinery, pass transmission belt, transmission annulus by electromotor, carry power each transmission shaft. Use drive of double electric machinery to come true easily beforehand buy figures a function. Electric machinery can use communication or dc electric machinery, as a result of electric machinery and transformer important bigger, if use dc electric machinery to cooperate switch power source, can reduce greatly overall weight.

Frame component: It is better that practice proves to use effect of punching power side gate. Precision answers to be able to use same pattern higher half relatively in the left, right side gate that the profit that uses this kind of design is frame treatment is finished, the assembly that raised frame precision, reduced cost, the money in also be motion gets discriminating effectively offerringed needs fixed position precision.

Electronic circuit part by advocate accuse the composition such as component of lamp of component of part, sensor, drive, power source board a sheet piece machine pilot system, introduce signal of infra-red and violet light, magnetic, penetrable, computation through many interface advocate accuse implement. The signal that receives regular money in each sensor in normal check the amount undertakes statistical sampling, identify, and check rises, as detected basis. When check the amount is soft, the signal parameter that rises the signal parameter that receives in each passageway interface and former check undertakes comparative, judgement, if have apparent difference when, but send an alarm signal instantly and machine of cut power cut, send corresponding signal reminder at the same time.

Bogus of differentiate of the machine that order paper money is through detecting the inherent character of the RMB differentiates true and false. The machine that order paper money is Electromechanical unifinication product, involve the many fields such as mechanical, report, smooth, magnetism, differentiate bogus method has infra-red and fluorescence identifying, magnetic analysis, penetrable, laser to detect normally wait for a few kinds of means.

The working principle that fluorescence detects is to be aimed at the paper quality of the RMB to undertake detecting. The RMB uses special paper to make (the high grade cotton that contains 85 % above) , counterfeit money uses the common paper after be being handled via blanching to undertake production normally, be in via blanching the paper after processing ultraviolet ray (the La Guang that wavelengh is 365nm) occurrence fluorescence of the meeting below illuminate reacts (in ultraviolet ray arouse next diffraction to give wavelengh to be 420 - the La Guang of 460nm) , the RMB does not have fluorescent reaction. So, undertake illuminate to athletic money with ultraviolet light source and detect with silicon photocell at the same time the fluorescent report of money, but differentiate money true and false. To remove the ambient light interference to differentiate bogus, one must be installed to pass through wavelengh and the colour filter that counterfeit money fluorescence reacts wavelengh agrees in the surface of silicon photocell. Detect in fluorescence in, need notes two problems: 1. Detect dimensional shading. Outside light is entered detect the space can be caused sign up for by accident; 2. Of ultraviolet light source and photocell dustproof. There are a large number of dusts in the process that order paper money, these dust conglutinate can be weakened in illuminant surface detect signal, cause fail to report sth. To RMB of the 5th edition, can detect at the same time fluorescent word (colorless and fluorescent printing ink pressworks, detect with another silicon photocell, agree of colour filter through wavelengh of wavelengh and reaction of fluorescence of true bank note) in order to improve differentiate bogus result.
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