Nod research of principle of bogus of ancient bronze mirror of bank note machine

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Our country cash is current dimensions is giant, work of cashier of bank bar ready money is heavy, the machine that order paper money is indispensable already. Bogus of differentiate of market of the machine that order paper money and computation at a suit, as duplicate technology, presswork the development of technology and electronic scanning technology, counterfeit money is made more and more distinct, must increase the capacity of bogus of ancient bronze mirror of the machine that order paper money ceaselessly.

According to different money motion contrail, component of the aircraft that order paper money is vertical and machine of horizontal dot bank note.

Construction of the chance that order paper money by twist bank note, receive paper money, give the six ministries in feudal China such as bank note, frame and electronic circuit to be become in group.

Twist bank note part is main by slip rubber of bank note board, tongue sending bank note, obstruction, fall bank note board, adjustment screw, twist the composition such as group of bank note rubber. Will the money of check the amount chases piece of premise that twists going out is to make sure count is exact. This machine uses a face to give bank note to classification continuously: Twist group of bank note rubber twists a piece of money that is in the surface, the money below is adhered by obstruction rubber, make exterior money and the bill below separate, implementation is divided piece. This process repeats ceaselessly undertake, until twist last pieces of money. Because change,bother, twist of group of bank note rubber and obstruction rubber wearing away is the two catastrophe problem that puzzles people all the time, want to solve this problem, it is nothing more than: 1, improve service life; 2, change convenient. To twisting bank note glue is encircled, we can be used increase external diameter, circuit groove leaves among outer circle, will raise the wearability that twists bank note glue is encircled, encircle glue axial to sectional instead zigzag, make rubber group tooth flank is increased relative to the interface of money, raise glue to encircle tine to face the adherent force of money. To attached drawing rubber, simpler method is to use obstruction rubber to change a structure quickly, glide with hand pressing the back end of bank note board, can take out obstruction rubber very easily to undertake changing.

The part that receive paper money is main by the claw that receive paper money annulus, take off bank note board, block the composition such as bank note board. The money after examine item by item one Zhang Zhang gets stuck to receive paper money respectively the different claw of claw annulus, by take off bank note board to get off and pile up money orderly. Phenomenon of flying bank note is commonner in the machine that order paper money, want to solve this problem, must note 3 respects: It is position of center of the impeller that receive paper money, 2 it is foliaceous ungual appearance, 3 it is impeller rotate speed.
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