Bank choose and buy nods key of bank note machine

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As the RMB the machine that order paper money produces licence to issue, each bank of the end, our country at the beginning of 2007 began 2006 new what one wheel pair orders bank note aircraft is large-scale purchase. “ holds card ” enterprise to amount to 59, make many banks feel be hard to choose. If why the bank is chosen in the actor in these 59 enterprises Where is actor? My12345 passes a few clients that contact his, they are it is certain to have the expert inside the trade that representative bank group pursues for a long time nodding bank note machine to purchase the job, my12345 discovery, experts' more unanimous opinion is, relative to the function at machine of dot bank note, its itself difference not very big price factor should not make the consideration focal point when purchasing. At present the choose and buy orders bank note aircraft, in answering to inspect manufacturing company to examine and approve a process in licence again, each technology gives a mark whether taller, whether is total cent ranked before leaning; Answering to inspect manufacturing company to whether having again longer, development of lasting the machine that order paper money produces the history, produce and sale of the machine that order paper money is measured whether bigger; More important is, answering to inspect manufacturing company to whether be had again maintenance system is maintained after enclothing wide, carry out that answers seasonable, service to reach the designated position.
The function of bogus of ancient bronze mirror decided a bank can the machine ordering paper money of high quality of choose and buy. The business of requirement of the machine that order paper money that produces high quality has rigorous manufacturing management, advanced production technological equipment, quality to stabilize reliable fittings to supply, complete qualitative check system, these respects are an enterprise the requirement that large quantities of quantities produce quality to stabilize machine of faithful spot bank note continuously, formed licence to examine and approve the most serious content of grading of the technology in the process consequently. Should say, 59 “ hold card ” enterprise to be in afore-mentioned respects, achieved 60 minutes at least in examining and approve a process, but the expert inside bank group course of study expresses, our country nods bank note machine to produce system of licensing to just be executed, the supervisory inspection system that runs card ” company to “ had be notted fulfil in the round truly, and “ holds card ” enterprise to produce administrative state of affairs in fact hard to avoid fluctuates somewhat, in perhaps examining and approve a process with use chip is abhorrently in actual production. Below this kind of circumstance, well-advised silver-colored guild gives a mark each technology taller, especially the enterprise before evaluation of scene of group of expert of system of safeguard of company production quality always divides a rank to lean serves as a key to choose a target.
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