How effective identifying false coin?

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The 5th RMB of complete set defends bogus measure:

1, watermark: The 5th RMB 100 yuan, for Mao Zedong person head portrait secures watermark 50 yuan; 20 yuan secure watermark for lotus, 10 yuan are a rose, 5 yuan are daffodil, 1 yuan is orchid. 2005 edition have number of white watermark denomination in coronal number lower part.

2, fiber of red, blue color: In the 5th RMB 1999 edition 100 yuan, 50 yuan, 20 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan par go up, can see there are red and blue thread in paper. (2005 edition cancel this measure)

3, safe line: The 5th RMB 1999 edition 100 yuan, it is line of safety of magnetic small character 50 yuan; 20 yuan are the magnetic and safe line of alternate with of light and shade; 10 yuan, 5 yuan open a window for the front holographic and safe line. The 5th RMB is 2005 edition holographic line of safety opening a window, 50 yuan of windows with 100 yuan open overleaf, 20 yuan, 10 yuan, 5 yuan leave in the front.

4, manual sculpture head portrait: The 5th RMB is all par value is soft the front advocate head portrait of scene Mao Zedong, all introduce printer of manual engraved intaglio plate art, figure distinct, lifelike, concave and convex sense is strong.

5, invisible denomination number: The 5th RMB soft front right upper part has each par value to decorate design, will par park and eye are close to parallel position, face illuminant to make plane rotate 45 spend or 90 degrees of horn, can see model of written characters of arabic numerals denomination.

6, light goes denomination number: Wrong lower part of 100 yuan of fronts uses the 5th RMB new-style printing ink pressworked denomination number “100” , when with par and perpendicular observation its are green, and tilt proper point of view turns into blue. 50 yuan can become red by green.

7, yin and yang is complementary to imprinting design: Obverse side of the 5th RMB is opposite next horn and rear right lower part have one circle each local design, pervious to light observation, carrying design on the back to constitute a whole ancient coin pattern. 2005 edition 100 yuan, 50 yuan complementary design is in the right predestined relationship of left watermark area is mid.

8, engraved intaglio plate pressworks: All use engraved intaglio plate mark of denomination of number of name of travel of bank of people of China of the 5th RMB, denomination, braille to presswork, with finger feeling has apparently sunken, protruding to feel. 1999 edition are mixed 1 yuan 2005 edition front of each par value advocate on the right side of scene design, have the strain line that regulation of a group of from above to below arranges, use engraved intaglio plate to presswork craft is printed, point to feeling with the hand, have extremely strong concave and convex feeling.
9, number (protruding imprints) : The 5th RMB 1999 edition 100 yuan, pile up 50 yuan for even numbers of in any case, unexpected sign is black, perpendicular date is blue; The others denomination is double lubricious horizontal number, number is different half part is red, right half part is black. 2005 edition 100 yuan, pile up 50 yuan for model of double lubricious different, intermediate big both sides is small.
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