What method does individual conduct financial transactions have?

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After all what is individual conduct financial transactions? Individual conduct financial transactions passes a course that will achieve individual life goal to the proper management of financial natural resources namely, the plan that coordinates be an unity that designs to achieve goal of integral conduct financial transactions each other. This plan is very long, have 3 core meaning: The first, financial natural resources, want to be clear that what oneself financial natural resources has; The 2nd, life aim, want to have sober knowledge to his life aim; The 3rd, want to have a series of unified and harmonious plans, want to make sure all plans won't conflict, harmonious rise to be able to come true. Core content includes insurance plan, investment plan, education plan, income tax plan, emeritus plan, house property plan. The management that flows with cash is together all plans integratedly, coordinate all plans, the ready money that allows all plans to be able to satisfy you flows, this is the core content of individual conduct financial transactions.

So how should be individual conduct financial transactions done? Main component is 5 strides, the first, make target of conduct financial transactions. A lot of duer to this the consideration of the respect, above all target of this conduct financial transactions wants to quantify, want to buy a house for example, is this target of a conduct financial transactions? This is not. Should purchase a value the house of how many money, want 3 years to buy a house later, still be about to buy a house next year, this ability is target of a conduct financial transactions, that is to say wants to quantify, want to have the idea of a time. In the meantime, you still can imagine, living in this house can be a what kind of state, conduce to implementation so your good cause. Cause of real conduct financial transactions is one is quantified, terminable target.

The 2nd, review oneself asset situation. What makes review asset situation? Have a look at you after all how to many money can manage namely. One is you had how many capital fund in the past, you did not come to another can have how many income, this attributes the problem that has the category that how many money can manage. The capital fund that sees you accords with the demand of oneself, it is reasonable that your asset is in debt, the financial structure that still can use a few financial lever to let his is more reasonable, this is to review asset situation.

The 3rd, know oneself risk preference. Someone says to he is very stick-in-the-mud, someone can say he is the person of a special enterprising, how can you just evaluate your risk preference correctly? Have 3 methods, want to consider your individual case above all, get married, have the population that make offerings to, how many what defray takes income. If you have a child, your investment behavior or special enterprising are very tall of the risk, can explain you do not have sober understanding only, because want the domestic responsibility of the burden already different. Next, consider the run of investment. Be in e.g. you stock respect is very be expert at, you are investing the person that the respect is special enterprising to wait a moment. Finally, consider the orientaton of individual disposition even. The person of different disposition is in when facing a few issues, can make disparate choice, disposition also decided people to there can be what action in economy course.
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