Why does Chinese coin cry " RMB " ?

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On December 2, 1947, mao Zedong sits in North Shaanxi on the heatable adobe sleeping platform of cave dwelling of a farmer, receive a central work appoint the telegram that Dong Biwu sends: “ already sent Na Hanchen to go to the Bohai Sea to search piece, Deng is consultative build a bank specific measure. The name of the bank, protocol is Chinese people bank. OK, consider to show abide by please. The name hopes to be decided early, imprint want to use when bank note. Labour appoint after already agreeing with ……” Mao Zedong to read, hand the Zhou En that sits opposite the table comes.

Zhou En will see the say after passing: Opinion of “ Na Hanchen, the bank that builds the whole nation to unite and money are imperative. ” Mao Zedong listened to laugh: “ case still resembles the Eight Power Allied Force entering Beijing a bit really. What look forward to of our advance examine uses is Border Region currency, jin Jilu pleaseds those who use is the money austral look forward to, what Shandong uses is money of the North sea, what northeast uses is northeast money, what northwest uses is farmer money, once be hit into Tianjin, north to be made the same score, can not be 78 kinds of moneys appear on the market together! Nevertheless, establish the whole nation's unified bank now, when be, return a few more premature the opinion that ……” Zhou En will come to to press Mao Zedong answered cable.

Dong Biwu gets the wire back central, look for Na Hanchen instantly for: The bank that “ establishs the whole nation to unite now is a bit earlier, but we prepare the job to be not gotten laxly. Labour appoint had studied, since tomorrow, bank of people of hang out China prepares the brand of place, you take the lead become preparatory department chairman. ”

Na Hanchen says: The preparative work that “ should do now has, all centralized moneys issue collect policy, collect the emission of each liberated area index, prepare an enough emission reserve. Decide a few kinds truly even par, all sorts of par amount and value content, design ticket domain case even, since,good paper of make choice of waits …… a moment the central opinion that agrees with us with Chairman Mao, unified bank calls Chinese people the bank, our money calls ‘ RMB ’ . ”
Dong Biwu listened to nod say: “ this name is very good, showed the nature of our bank, our money. Of since people, not be a certain area then, of the branch, and sure it is national, of the people of the whole country! ”

Na Hanchen special this explanation that admires Dong Biwu, astute and lucid, say then: “ arrives moment, bank of people of the China on money a few words, return so that ask you to write. ”

In December 1947 the last ten-day of a month, chinese people bank prepares the brand of place, hang in the village placing valley that smooth hill county makes one li from Xi Baipo in small courtyard of a farmer.
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