Chinese enterprise buys performance of fine of company of German machine tool ag

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" xinhua net " wrote Wen Yuan to bring the relevant interview recently to point out a few days ago, in recent years enterprise of Chinese machine tool is in Germany arisen buy upsurge, and achievement plentiful and substantial, and at present still know exactly about sth in buying a negotiation to undertaking. As we have learned, the case after at present major China enterprise is bought is very good, the machine tool enterprise of China and Germany has very strong complementary sex. On one hand German enterprise can help Chinese enterprise improve product technology and quality, offer in Euramerican sale channel; On the other hand, chinese enterprise helps German product open Chinese market, provide after service network, heart look forward to also can the raw material of respect of China of have the aid of, fittings reduce manufacturing cost. Be in for instance 2006, after group of Hangzhou machine tool buys the equity of 60 % of ABA Z&B company, ABA Z&B is climbed quickly in the sale of Chinese market litre, its the hopeful of total sales revenue this year 1 from last year, 9 million euro grows 2, 5 million euro, year increase rate exceeds 30 % . This sentence that reports the public figure inside quote course of study points out, of industry of Chinese machine tool abroad buy have important sense, run the distance that in shortening, indigenous industry is the same as foreign advanced technique through capital, may win 10 grow time to 20 years. "Maker of machine tool of some day China may carry the business of its abroad, the leader that in machine tool machinery of the whole world the industry becomes a technology and leader " .