Memorabilia of aluminous in August 2008 industry

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In aluminous net reported on September 11: Relevant analyst says: "Inside the near future, aluminous price will be come from the pressure that manufacturing gross rises. " a few analyst represent future 2 months trade aluminously the price will be in 2500 - drift between 2750 dollars. Mining industry serves a company (GFMS) general manager Neal. Bakesidu (Neil Buxton) express to should treat aluminous price to go up cautiously drop, among them the dollar is strong firm in have litre of key that is inventory management. But its still think current aluminous price market is already adjacent clinch a deal the lowest of limits is restricted. However, milan of metallic analyst Mack (Angus MacMillan) prospect of market weighing aluminium is dim, aluminous price will drop continuously to 2500 dollars. Its complement says: "Although produce the fall of gross (especially Chinese reduction of output) will as new smeltery run and be offsetted. Was August 2008 below aluminous net alls rights reserved in the event that the portion produces major effect to global aluminous industry     on August 28: Because suffer Gusidafu (Tropical Storm Gustav) the influence of intertropical hurricane, cut operation of bauxite of a few Jamaica and alumina company. On August 22: Boxiniya is exclusive after company of Birac of an alumina refinery is realizing factory all-round to produce, gain is big 8 years first half of the year bumper harvest. Since 2006, because fatigued and weak market wants the electrovalency with rising sue for peace and natural gas price, this factory all the time halve operation, produce per year can 600, 000 metric ton. On August 22: Because electric power supplies a problem, beautiful aluminous plan in Dekesasiluokedaide aluminous plant cuts down the member of persons employed 300 people, and have 100 contracted industry additionally also will be come home by demobilize. On August 20: Holand iron and steel produces business Kanglisi (Corus) the factory of two aluminous refine that plans to will be located in Holand and Germany sells Klesch company (Klesch&Company) . On August 20: Aluminous July day all crop is 70, 000 metric ton, 2007 6, two months of 7 aluminous day all crop is 70, 400 metric ton and 68, 000 metric ton. 8 years in July (31 days) total output is 2.17 million metric ton, 7 years in June (30 days) aluminous in July crop is mixed for 2.111 million metric ton 2.107 million metric ton. On August 19: Indian nation aluminous industry faces coal shortage crisis again, although aluminous recently factory already resumed production,administrator of company high level expresses, indian coal supplies a problem will more and more serious. On August 19: China is supporting production with costly electric power, the factory with a few backward technologies will face the condition that shut or is sold. On August 18: The heat and power plant with Chinese the biggest Shanxi resumes production, local media says China circumstance of shortage of the coal inside 4 years alleviated somewhat in the past. Wait for an area in Liaoning however, china had implemented blackout system. On August 18: Rate of year of American former aluminium relatively rise 7 years 3.2 % are amounted to 2, 654, 692 metric ton. Aluminous net alls rights reserved in     on August 16: Ghana president says its accept the investment that comes from 2 billion dollar of foreign to come to aluminous factory of joint venture VALCO. Ghana ever dropped aluminous line of business with the price Congkai of 18 million dollar 2007 VALCO aluminous plant is bought in the hand the equity of 90 % , later the equity that buys 10 % from inside hand of American aluminous course of study with the price of 2 million dollar again. On August 15: Problem of block of conduit of aluminous factory of force develop Ceng Yin and force elegant article (Yarwun) operation of alumina refinery reduction of output, but did not cause an effect to total aluminous output. On August 14: River valley of Brazilian fresh water invests 1.1 billion dollar to begin extend alumina refinery, expectation this factory implementation is produced can amount to 6.3 million metric ton. Aluminous net alls rights reserved in     on August 14: Country of before 2008 7 the middle of a month is produced 7, 735, former aluminium of 300 metric ton, relatively photograph comparing rose last year 13.8 % . Alumina and photograph of the corresponding period was compared last year rise 20.5 % are amounted to 13, 231, 000 metric ton. On August 11: Because high structure invests, chinese aluminous industry states of short duration does not have project of Guangxi alumina extend. On August 8: Company of resources of Wei red tower is obtained for a time high court authorization has activity of mineral products exploitation in Xiersi. On August 8: The rules of new salary pay that refinery of alumina of company of alumina of the West Indies is versed in person and company reach by a definite date 3 years hundreds times.

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