Experience pen of recording of Ba Si MP3 evaluates professional glamour Ao Lin

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The OLYMPUS of the great reputation (Aolinbasi) besides the fame in optical respect, it is one of professional manufacturer of the product such as digital recording pen at the same time, although product of set of its recording drawing is far,do not have the fame of camera and far-reaching consequence, but the capital technology setting with big group, actual strength of deep research and development, the recording pen that its produce also is by no means the generation of aimlessly, the pen of recording of MP3 of this WS-310M number that evaluation room will evaluate to everybody now, it is among them typical delegate. WS-310M has professional recording function already, hold the MP3 player of outstanding acoustic quality concurrently personally again, more commendable is to still deploy SRS to establish annulus to bypass phonic effect system, its are professional, can enjoy a sex this shows one spot. We experience the professional glamour that comes from WS-310M of Ao Lin Ba Si one time below together.

The exterior:

Of WS-310M 3 surround dimension to be 95 × 39 × 11mm, if the standard with nowadays MP3, that can be the colossus in MP3, use power supply of an AAA batteries, include battery inside, weight also does not cross 42g, still calculate deft.

Shallow golden yellow, the exterior of honest system flat form is designed, send out lightly the flavor that gives a nobility. Straight line, do very few circular arc processing only, retained hale style as far as possible. To the recording pen that reporter friend uses, wide exterior is must, cooperate to go up the assurance of beautiful is comfortable degree, place what interviewing an object before, ability will be much the flavour of portion major. Thin thin airframe can be placed in notebook conveniently or in portfolio, than fruity bodily form more lose not easily.

Openly layout appears more complex, but not messy. The upper part of LOGO has the left and right sides two alveolus, writing respectively " L " and " R " , clever you are guessed certainly was opposite, these two alveolus are the recording aperture of WS-310M, double aperture is designed, can transcribe stereo, recording effect is professional very. The size of screen is not large, the content that can show is not much also, and show for monochromatic LCD, increase colour hold with the big screen of current popularity kind product photograph is compared, not by appear part is disgraceful.
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