The strongest low end killer! Heat of 7 rainbow DDR3 7300GS is judged

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The Geforce7 series of NVIDIA has been at the beginning of January achieved high end - high school is carried - the layout of low end, geforce 7300GS fills the mission before market of occupational low Duan Xianka.

  is mixed to circuit design as a result of core the demand of yuan of parts of an apparatus is not quite high, and using relatively cheap 64Bit wide show the position that the player is able to drop cost to be able to be accepted after putting grain, each are so big the manufacturer rolls out the Geforce7300GS that is based on this one core to show clip in succession.

The evaluation before   passes us " blood relationship of successive Wang Zhe! 7300GS function checks countrywide head to send " also be able to know the information such as its theory function and game function. the X1300 compared with ATi respect, only from cost pilot it is GF7300GS has definite advantage apparently for angle, if look from function,do not pass, used GDDR2 to show only put will made do to had equiped GDDR3 shows the doughty form X1300 that put to tell apparent a little insufficient weight.

  still is in in other firm wait-and-see whether should show DDR3 when keeping equipment to Geforce7300GS, home exceeds frequency to show card, hot tube to come loose with research and development the 7 rainbow that heat shows clip, rolled out oneself to use DDR3 to show the day travel 7300GS that puts 1.4ns grain, besides core small exceed to 600MHz, than fair board slightly outside tall 50MHz, still will show put frequency with one action to jump the frequency that rises 1200MHz, yuan Chao goes out fair board the 800MHz of set. Believing to promote to function so should be quite tremendous, contrast is fair board 7300GS, can its function promote again how old? Is the promotion in real play met again how? Come along as our evaluation below look:

  the Geforce7300GS that first appearing on the market to strive for advantageous time, it is the Geforce6500 PCB that used old fund more board design, make circuit certain modification and roll out the market, such advantage was saved namely the manufacturer is not little the making time of PCB board, strive for faster time to roll out. Nevertheless, using brand-new the Geforce7300GS core after making Cheng is apparent need not too much circuit wiring area. 7 rainbow are in the share that retained Geforce 7300GS is common board outside the design, cut down partial PCB board, reduced overall wiring difficulty and electric energy loss.

Basic parameter is comparative

600MHz 550 MHz of frequency of core of TSMC 90nm TSMC 90nm of workmanship of PCI-Express PCI-Express of bus line of interface of 7300GS NVIDIA Geforce7300GS of travel of 7 rainbow day is shown put frequency 1200 MHz 800 MHz to show put a wide 64 Bit 64 Bit to show put type GDDR3 GDDR2/GDDR3 to show put 512M of capacity 128M 128M ~
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