VAIO colour beans alls alone FJ58C vogue jotter evaluates the Buddhist nun

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Of the figure that fund of fund of product of jotter of Suo Ni VAIO is fashionable recreation jotter make, the computer of notebook of VAIO FJ series that this we check is improved from product of VAIO FS series. This kind is improved is not dye-in-the-wood adopy, the fashionable jotter product that makes meticulously from respect of fixed position, design, measure however. Opposite at locating before the FS series product of center of recreation of domestic movie sound, FJ series product attracts young user with fashionable exterior, bright-coloured color. Of course, such conduct propaganda uses style the adduction that the word may have been run rampant, we also do not consider much description, but the color that we should tell you this product before the article, if you are young fashionable user group, you can are opposite certainly it is photographic. FJ series shares grace practice of white, all previous is black, bold and unrestrained red, halcyon La Heqing spring green 5 kinds of color, compare with general chromatic crust jotter, jotter of series of Suo Ni FJ should " color " more complete, the hand holds the color that also caters to coping partly in the palm to undertake color is handled, present a light color.


1, appearance vogue, colourful, force of exterior design work is deep
2, inside buy is photographed like the head, convenient video is communicated


1, ability of batteries add boat is a bit poor

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