Peep business uses the force of private market cash register of machine to tear

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Everybody shops in bazaar, can see cash register almost, everybody also can be guessed, cash register also is a kind of computer, so, do it and the PC that we use daily have He Yi to be the same as? Today, small make up take everybody to look.

Cash register of commerce of graph 1 IBM

The machine that we tear open solution this is IBM commerce cash register, this aircraft component is offerred by international business organization, chinese Tianjin is assembled. Say it is cash register, have bit of grievance, it can be called actually muti_function PC, still deserve to have printer, brush card implement, OLED screen (the indication screen) that confronts a client, if pursue 1, 2.

Flank of cash register of commerce of graph 2 IBM

Above all, what we need to demolish is monitor (monitor) , this one pace can do not know how to start to the novice. True measure is preferential next rear cover (the) below Yi Ba of type blocking groove, with respect to all interface that can see a machine: Entangled of male of Suo leisurely Jian spring 蚔 GA interface, screen shows interface of mouse and interface, clavier interface, reticle interface, the equipment that print, money-locker.

Graph 3 demolish monitor

Unplug next VGA and power source connect plug, the upper part that extends VGA interface with left hand presses check forcibly a bit, the right hand uses plain top screwdriver light prize base and airframe joint, unplug cap can get off monitor (graph 3) .

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