Machine of portable business affairs: Computer of notebook of Dai Er D410 is eva

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This is a product that from the history the precipitation in quite long excellent model gives, can see just a little from inside its appearance. This is the product that a be subordinate to belongs to Latitude series, look from type history, this product should be the successor of Latitude C400 series, of course, many friends may raise question, when C400 evolves into X200, let this series become exceed portable model, so subject plant at portable machine the D410 of fixed position not as similar as its. Of course, we are analysed so is not the code name from it or its presentative proceed with, you look have double show equipment, is double memory had in 12 inches of type in the patulous product that insert groove which rather is in one's heart similar? Right, be C400 of generation UFO machine.

Wear Er D410 jotter


1, smooth-going of type whole expression, outstanding

2, optional configuration is rich, the user chooses leeway independently greatly

Type whole behaves smooth-going


1, type is too conservative, do not have too large window

DELL Latitude D410 is not the product that can make popular feeling unripe like, mass-tone of interior of gray crust, black moves argent edge to decorate, let this product appear too insipid. After should engaging period of time, we design rigorous, delicate feeling satisfaction to this product whole, experienced some of outstanding business affairs feature gives fully in share. Go up from this bit tell, what D410 and direct competitor ThinkPad X32 have different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever.

Type is too conservative

Without too large window

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