Close quarters of 6999 yuan of ThinkPad R51e fast judge

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The ThinkPad R51e that introduces series of chip of ATi RADEON XPRESS 200M appears on the market to get attention quite. Did not use Intel actually advocate board chip set is not R51e first beginning, the chip form of ATi is used early with respect to Ceng Cai in R40e. Small today make up took the type R51e 18432XC that at present heat sells to undertake simple evaluation from agency office, consult for everybody.

This second evaluation ThinkPad R51e 18432XC by Beijing China friendship of limited company of development of blue fast science and technology is offerred.

Connect a telephone call: 010-82535366, 82537586/7/9, 83252389/91/95/99, 85489377, 87458660, 13910833804, free hot line: 800-810-8995.

Agency price: 6999 yuan

R51e flank

R51e front

R51e the reverse side

Schedule of norms of ThinkPad R51e 2XC

CPU Intel surpasses raise M (1.50GHz advocate frequency, dothan core, 400MHz front bus line, 2 class of 1MB cache) liquid crystal of loudhailer of odd track of frequency of ATI Radeon Xpress 200M of indication chip of chip set ATI Radeon Xpress 200M displays screen 40GB 4200 of hard disk of 256MB DDR2 533MHz SDRAM of memory of 14.1 inches of XGA turns CD driver DVD-ROM joins / interface (2)USB2.0 interface
(1)VGA interface
(1) and mouth
(1) earphone interface
(1)MIC interface
(1)RJ45 interface
(Net of modem of 56K of 1)RJ11 interface network, 10/100M blocks an operating system