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In a family or office, impossible that every computer matchs a printer, fall in a lot of circumstances for more convenient print all sorts of data, print share unavoidable. And normally print sharing a solution is the either station computer in installing printer LAN in, share whole network next. Such way is simple, won't increase investment, but that computer of join printer must maintain switch on the mobile phone at any time, otherwise other user cannot use printer, and the server that print is being used under photograph comparing is more convenient with efficient way.

Wireless share more convenient

And should realize the server that print kind print share, the wireless server that print is shared is the method that has compared among them, you can pass the server that print cable of 10/100M aether net to receive your network repeatedly directly, also can pass 11M (802.11b) , 54Mbps Wireless-G (802.11g) wireless join arrives your network. Wireless function lets you need not need wiring can place printer the place that needs in random namely.

In addition, even if you are not complete in the office use wireless network, you still can use quits pattern (Ad-hoc) the Wireless-G that the Wireless that pass visits even fetch and Wireless-B computer are printed. In addition, the current wireless server that print already began to use the USB interface of the mainstream generally. The majority of port of USB of the wireless server that print of the mainstream is compatible norms of USB 2.0 of new high speed of USB 1.1 printer and support takes in and send out in large quantities higher with coming true the printer of rate is compatible. Of course, it also has to be used at the standard the independent port of collateral printer. To obtain taller flexibility, you can join two printer, every port joins, send your document the printer that suits this job that print most.

One, the printer that takes the wireless server that print

Should realize the wireless server that print kind print share, you can pass the following two kinds of method will solve: ① deploys the independent wireless server that print technically to printer, or the type that in the choose and buy wireless AP/ road has function of the server that print by the choice when waiting for equipment; ② choose and buy is compositive the printer that has the wireless server that print. Among them the choose and buy is compositive those who have the printer of the wireless server that print is the directest way.

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