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The R series of manage light with 28mm extensive role, deft airframe, super- switch on the mobile phone quickly speed and effect are admirable small be apart from the effect, resplendent on market of family expenses machine. And after the R2 heat with outer great reputation sells, succeed type R3 is depending on super and driving actual strength to become the new admiral of series of manage smooth R. When this machine is being released we by it " collect favour is bestowed favor on at a suit " technical aggregate and attract, expect the occurrence of true machine all the time. And when taking evaluation machine we more its defter than R2 airframe and plaint, from this we can experience the manage light indefatigable effort in DC domain. Serve for everybody immediately below, blame is general upgrade report of detailed try out of manage smooth R3.

Supervise: Yan Feng makes: Alex/Sherlock/cynicker referenced price:   of R3   examines 3188 manage light instant quote and detailed parameter

The airframe of manage smooth R3 used the finishing that grind sand, have black and argent choice, in the machine all around it is bright argent metallic Bao Bian. The front of the machine, what we see is occupy openly 2/3 area almost 28 - the camera lens of 7.1 times scorch of 200mm, in top left corner be inside buy flashlight. An argent model Logo is glisten. Because the camera lens of R3 was to use double retractive technology, accommodate 7.1 times light to change so the R3 after camera lens is cabinet still, the bulk of 95 X 53 X 26 Mm, the weight of 135g, make R3 suits make it to be pocket demon more.

Retroflexion camera when us the full operation key-press that comes over to be able to see manage smooth R3. On key-press design R3 considers relatively considerate, we can use the right hand to undertake operating only. In the left of camera the reverse side, together 2.5 inches, the 114 thousand LCD that resembles element held most state power. Of clingy LCD is key-press of a quick function. From on downward ordinal it is short / static state / recording mode allots a power, one is answered put key-press, one each takes shortcut key of a function / delete key-press, one shows mode key-press. The top right corner in camera back is to be able to undertake the scorch of 7.1 times optical scorch is held control key. 4 operations that are a model downward again bolted. The coping of camera, having what green indicates is switch, because use, is inside the metal of the design that set pattern and machine top be close to key-press too relatively petty also, it is so when switch machine relatively insufficient and convenient. Shutter is set on metallic facing key-press and new deploy prevent shake a key. What such integral design still comparatives when we are operated is convenient, the key-press design of R3 is improved somewhat than R2, key Cheng moderate, hope truth light energy is made to the mains switch of R3 improve.
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