5 years deep autumn a list of names posted up of TOP5 of sell like hot cakes: Sc

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Scanner has been a scanning not just the office tool of common file, picture, and slowly wait to negative scanning, negative scanning more professional more the function that recreation changes draws close, this believe everybody is approbated quite. This year deep autumn, HP, beautiful can, the achievement with love general to give birth to manufacturer of 3 big scanner to have better, among them much station machine had negative scanning function. Additional, in office product domain, everybody thinks product of brand of home made product redeemed feature face at long last in scanner market normally, in the champion that brilliant, violet light is market sales volume. But show in recent investigation, sheet looks from the sale outstanding achievement on the market, HP, beautiful can, Aipusheng is one of type of sell like hot cakes, look so, a lot of consumer are between the price and quality, still always be deflection quality is consummate. Look together below deep 2005 autumn the TOP5 scanner of sell like hot cakes: Product of office of product model IT.com.cn evaluates reference the price

HP Scanjet 3770
Applicable: SOHO a group of things with common features, small-sized office
Advantage: Efficiency is tall, the bottom sweeps a function conspicuous, the operation is handy
Insufficient: Business is used, but do not support network scanning
900 yuan

Beautiful can CanoScan 3200F
Applicable: Domestic user, small-sized office
Advantage: Rate is rapid, complete scanning function, supportive base is swept
Insufficient: OCR software is very not ideal, random code is much
1080 yuan

In brilliant H10
Applicable: Family, photography major orgnaization
Advantage: FilmView " diamond lamp box " patent technology
Insufficient: Bulk slants big
1500 yuan

Beautiful can LIDE 500F
Applicable: Family, average office applies
Advantage: CIS scanning, beardless warm-up, USB direct power supply
Insufficient: Without objective scanning function
1300 yuan

Love general gives birth to 2480P
Applicable: SOHO a group of things with common features, small-sized office
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