Lead low end CS20 of Suo Ni of market of business affairs projector

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Recently, VPL-CX20 of afterwards Sony projector is rolled out appear on the market the accord that gets industry and client reputably hind, suo Ni company adds Xin Ding again, market of another contented and mobile business affairs, medium and small businesses rolls out new fund to exceed portable model projector -- VPL-CS20. Regard the CX20 sister that rolled out this year in July as the product, CS20 uses Sony patent likewise " Nano shapes technology " weight is lighter, firmness is stronger; In the meantime, concept of the CX20 style that its took, contracted design, grave and do not miss grace, own the outstanding property of come down in one continuous line, demonstrate effect clarity distinct, provide sexual price to compare a dominant position more. The human nature that nowhere is absent changes science and technology, make CS20 can let an user be enjoyed in a variety of circumstances more go to the lavatory and demonstrate the effect outstandingly.


CS20 has the portable design with excellent CX20 not only, at the same time valence also has competition ability more on case, the resolution of 800*600 will bring outstanding picture result, become medium and small businesses and public figure of mobile business affairs thereby of course anthology. To small and medium sized business, accomplish hard install a projector in every assembly room, the user hopes projector has portable sex more, have resource in order to make full use of. And in domain of mobile business affairs, more and more business affairs personages choose projector to communicate or negotiate into peddling Wu. Outer when giving office, it is projector belt beside, undoubted and OK better undertake communicating with the client. Accordingly, business affairs is portable model projector made one of medium and small businesses and business affairs personage's necessary portable weapons.

Go in technology and market foremost all along what the Sony of the edge depends on pair of user demand is accurate hold and understand to the development of tendency of the market, the CS20 of the design has 1.9 kilograms only, only 5CM is thick can piscine jotter puts computer package together, those who realized real significance to go up is light. Also break through on the exterior before the design with onefold, mechanical projector, pursuit aesthetic feeling, take detail design seriously, to individuation of a few pursuit and the user that reflect company and individual grade, CS20 is beyond question is the optimal choice that everybody agrees with consistently.

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