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The phyletic and main component of the indication illuminant bulb that at present the projector on the market uses is UHP namely extrahigh voltage mercuric bulb and metal are haloid bulb two kinds big, haloid bulb because the fill in bulb metallic halide and get a name, extrahigh voltage mercuric bulb is the bulb that uses high-pressured mercuric stuff. Both and different point depends on service life going up, extrahigh voltage mercuric bulb is called normally bulb of cold light source, nominal service life amounts to 6000 hours of above, with the metal haloid bulb photograph is compared, below identical identical power comsumption, UHP bulb can produce large smooth amount, restrain effectively twinkle the happening of the circumstance, and the appearance is more cabinet, brightness attenuation is smaller, life is longer. Besides, of the life of the indication parts of an apparatus that projector place uses and projector medicinal powder hot stand or fall also the life of projector product. Accordingly, use low cost business to use the reduces an user use cost with umbriferous quite effective function, reduce the user maintenance to the machine expenditure, this to the user it is a very good design.

Accordingly, the author will recommend a few low cost business to use projector below, will help need buy the reader of this type.

Rich can look X1 price 13800 yuan

The brand reachs fixed position

Rich can inspecting a company is global number the leader of umbriferous technology and service, it is umbriferous domain in the famousest with sales volume the biggest umbriferous mechanism makes one of trade. This rich can inspect X1 projector to basically be design of domestic user place, can help domestic user make perfect domestic movie theater.

Sell a site

Use directional relation Directional Correlational Deinterlacing DCDi. The service life of bulb achieved 3000 hours, this is planted in family expenses machine bulb life is a longer type.


Rich can inspect X1 to use use number of DLP of heart state apparatus to handle a technology, standard resolution is 800X600dpi, have 2000: The Gao Liang of 1 freeboard contrast and 1100 ANSI lumen is spent, suit machine of domestic recreational overflow to plant very much, of use Faroudja only technology of directional relation Directional Correlational Deinterlacing DCDi makes the user of X1 can enjoy fluent and clear picture. In addition, faroudja technology can pass alternate colour, beforehand the function such as the mobile, film mode that suits to handle and obtain patent invention oneself provides the clearest picture.

This machine has diversiform join sex, it is portable computer PDA, DVD, wired no matter (satellite) camera of TV, number or You Le implement, let you follow insert along with with, immediateness begin. Revolutionary price function is compared, high-ranking multipurpose measuring projector, lead masses market with par, see a movie no matter or attend a meeting brief, one machine is multi-purpose, content exceeds a value.
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