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Before a kind of product did not mature, improving performance is the path of exclusive development, and had developed certain level when this product, raise function may not again can the favor of consumer of try to gain, and extend train of thought, improve somewhat in other side become reasonable lifting. Digital camera faces this kind of situation namely at present.

After contending for battle through resembling element for years, current digital camera embraces some to be able to satisfy average family expenses already completely like element, it is very difficult like chapter of the composition on element to continue to be in the attention that draws customer, because of manufacturer of camera of this not little number additional monarch paths, or on outer form, or rolled out on the function make newly not less, also earned many attention and sales volume, then these development way that make a delegate newly are in the future tide place to, can carry forward ceaselessly, still be like transitory, where is written in water? We might as well wear the typical product that develops way on behalf of these comes to analyse.

1. Be about to contend for hegemony instead with digital sheet -- the Suo Ni R1 that persistence promotes at function

Suo Ni R1 just appears on the market, it is to consume level number magazine at present most overmatch. Although still consume level number camera, but with before make F828 photograph compare the change that had thoroughly remould oneself. It used APS norms, area to be the CMOS image sensor of 21.5 × 14.4mm, achieved effectively like element 10.3 million, more used surmount beautiful can camera lens of EF-S 17-85mm F4-5.6 IS USM, can says to consume imperial of level number magazine to block Er · Chase " Vario-sonnar T* " be equivalent to camera lens of 35mm camera 24-120mm, can say R1 besides sheet of number of an APS norms still is simply outside design of unifinication of airframe camera lens turn over camera.

Without doubt, r1 still is walking along to increase the line of function of camera of consumptive level number. With its nevertheless he just pesters the digital camera that going up like element to differ blindly, it goes up in sensor norms no matter or big on camera lens quality earth spanned one pace, had approached the level that opposes at sheet of half professional number. A direction that this is digital camera development apparently -- go after namely be the same as function instead with digital sheet.

That, whether does such promotion have an outlook?

According to the author's viewpoint, no matter what technology, what develops way, want consumer to be able to be accepted only, that has an outlook, and consumer can be accepted, how many does the key have in the price that pays at be this.
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