Office PK stage: Machine of individual character an organic whole is ablaze come

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Exceed female hot, because they are,be " vermicelli made from bean starch " people the God that oneself single out, and the individual character that everybody has ego. Photograph comparing rises, aircraft of different an organic whole also has his characteristic each on function.

Match a specification: This is economy of a " that be called muti_function of " of picture handling center muti_function machine of an organic whole, its concise face plate, agile bureau manages, without do not show leakage straight handsome individual character.

This is Aipusheng machine of an organic whole of office of " of class of photographs of first 4 kinds of " , it used ink box of type of 4 kinds of independent fission, realize high quality photograph to print with the system of 4 kinds of ink of innovation, the cost that makes the photograph is printed innovates again low. RX430 is had insert calorie of function that print, 5760dpi conveniently small handwriting or painting of essence of the high resolution that print, 3 small microlitre drips.

RX430 still has the following characteristics: 1. Ink box of economic independence fission. The ink box of 4 kinds of fission that be printed for photograph class and designs, can change alone what be short of color ink box, put an end to needless waste, save the cost that print effectively, and, every fission ink box makes work only 65 yuan; 2. Print / duplicate / scanning is Trinitarian. RX430 market picture is printed, chromatic duplicate, high accuracy scans 3 big functions at a suit; In black and white fall with chromatic economy mode, of R430 print, duplicate speed is achieved respectively 15, 13 pages / minute, scanning resolution is as high as 1200dpi, fit the requirement of small business user; 3. Insert photograph of calorie of the number that print directly, support number of 6 kinds of mainstreams to store card; 4. Have 5760dpi high-definition clear to print resolution, additional, the technology of commutation of drop of intelligent Chinese ink that still has love general to give birth to original creation (VSDT) , size of Mo Di particle can alternate freely, these are the assurance that print high quality photograph.

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