Lead tide! Big collect of high-end jotter high-quality goods

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Go up in jotter market most those who get attention it is the product that those tall sex price compare all the time, not be all consumer are running quickly however " sexual price is compared " these 3 words will buy notebook. Undoubted in going up, low end has this paragraph of time especially the jotter that tall sex price compares in the market indeed " fire " one. Actually to jotter market, market fractionize just is the mark with a truly mature market, high school low everything needed is ready, satisfying different domain not to believe with the use demand of type user is everybody place is happy those who see.

On the mainstream and high-end product, domestic manufacturer and foreign manufacturer are existing to differentiate differently means: Domestic firm is average with practical give priority to, enough performance can be provided on high-end product, have inviting price; Foreign manufacturer favores the component high end to equip, and try integrated design, develop new pattern, enhance the performance that the other hardware such as similar and optical driver, hard disk configures, your whole system achieves a groove, can surmount major table computer completely even, but their price often taller.

The user that selects high-end product actually not little also, among them the leader with the enterprise, customer that has higher demand to function, buy be in the majority as the circumstance such as gift. Face this kind of user, might as well the choice has taller brand famous spent product; Will tell to consumer of additionally one part, domestic brand those products that having good design, also can yet be regarded as a kind of right choice.

The author introduces the high-end jotter of a few mainstreams to consult in order to offer to everybody below:

Jotter of product model IT.com.cn evaluates reference the price
ThinkPad X41 characteristic: Safety performance is excellent
Advantage: Frivolous and performance is good
Insufficient: The price is expensive, sexual price is poorer
HP DV4200 characteristic: Domestic entertainment admiral sex product
Advantage: Function exceeds strong
Insufficient: Weight is heavier
Characteristic of Hua Shuo W6A: Exceed frivolous, exterior vogue
Advantage: Frivolous and performance is good
Insufficient: The price is expensive, sexual price is poorer
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