Replace imitate thoroughly? Digital copycat already became an overlord

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The author thinks, the rapid development that is office network is ecbolic digital copycat. These a few years as network technology increasingly perfect, basically all office products by " drag in " join a network, mix as printer, scanner especially electrograph and collect a few kinds of functions the machine of an organic whole at a suit early or late after fall net, consumer is right the old in the office -- the strong demand with unavoidable also copycat its network. But imitate copycat because on its technology restrict, cannot catch up with technical number is changed, the pace of network, cannot satisfy the requirement of the user more and more, the digital copycat that can realize network then with respect to emerge as the times require. Actually copycat of so called number is on the foundation of traditional copycat, the new-style number office that uses digital technology to be developed is compositive, it assembled to print, the function such as fax, scanning and duplicate, increased on this foundation a lot of copycat impracticable is offerred before / the function that discharge paper, very big the product of one part still can add the card that install a network, make its can realize a network to print thereby with network scanning function. And, on the business accounting of use cost, should compare print onefoldly, the fax wants a lot of lower.

One, digital copycat advantage all is occupied

Digital copycat and traditional imitate copycat are compared, having very large dominant position: Above all, what digital copycat is different from traditional imitate copycat is electrostatic turn imprint technology, those who use is laser turns imprint principle, definition had those who pledge to rise, achieved 1200dpi the most basically, after certain type is joining flowing processing, can reach the resolution of 2400dpi even, this are told in imitate copycat, it is inconceivable. Additionally digital copycat can satisfy such as cross / amlposition cent page, eight azimuth are the bound, stiletto, back cover that seal a page, foldout, 50% discount / 3 fold wait for powerful function, had these functions, digital copycat can replace the outfit previously completely, fold, urge processing system, and the fund that saved your writing however from the devoted respect of capital. Still have, the information that the means that digital copycat carries those who use is digitlization goes in scanning undertakes the number edits, through undertaking machining to the file next to the processing of information, the face has the function that a lot of imitate machine cannot accomplish here, all consistent second scanning, watermark, much syncretic, 90 degrees rotate, function of memorial scanning, booklet. More important is to be over the foundation of duplicate function, digital copycat is outstanding those who reflected digital function is powerful, such as is printed, the network is printed, the function of the Gao Jingduan such as scanning, fax, PC fax.
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