Bright base projector MP615 low appears on the market to make work only 8500 yua

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We were forecasted a few days ago bright base introductory class projector bright base MP615 is about to control 20 days this month appear on the market, the price that gets from agency office at that time is 8888 yuan. This projector is sold already formally in Beijing today, newest price is 8500 yuan, in the user in 10 thousand yuan of the following projector much a choice.

Bright base MP615

Bright base key-press of MP615 projector metal

  Bright base MP615 is sheet of a SVGA piece DLP projector, the key-press that the airframe collocation metal of pure black feels extremely strong character, overall and special grab an eye, this machine dimension is 238 X 94 X 283mm, weight 2.7Kg, 305w of the biggest power comsumption. Distinctive outward appearance also is had of course not the function of common. This machine has the resolution of 800X 600, 2600 lumen tall brightness, 2000:1Freeboard is comparative, with office to general business the domain all can be competent. In addition, this machine still used the II acting gold after improving color annulus technology and SRGB colour standard, there is apparent promotion in respect of colorific degree of saturation.

Parameter introduction

Interface is input of VGA input, S terminal, stereo, inside the loudhailer of buy 2w power. Bright base the buy before MP615 is designed solely heart to heart give wind gap, the light leak that improves general projector postposition to give wind gap and medicinal powder hot defect, the machine shunned when demonstrating light leak and medicinal powder the interference that sirocco sheds. Medicinal powder heat is through airframe interior fan of large size of two low rotate speeds is solved, cooling time shortens the 1/3 previously, implementation closes machine the portable sex that can take away. The bulb service life after improving is lengthened, noise of the job below economic mode has 25 decibel only.

Additional, considering the demand of the person that different environment is used, bright base MP615 returns built-in password to keep secret and the close design such as mode of high height above sea level. 8500 yuan to a 2600 lumen live business is amphibious the price is quite charming for machine, the user that the near future prepares to buy projector can consider.

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