CX70 of machine of Suo Ni business affairs falls 3000 still send patriot Mp3

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Annual the 3rd quarter is projector shipment busy season, industry of governmental invite public bidding, education is purchased and the demand with retail business is very big, because of this although " October 1st " long holiday went, but the sales promotion of each brand projector did not stop however, for instance market attention spends VPL-CX70 of quite tall this Suo Ni, the price reduced 3000 yuan recently, quote falls 13500 yuan, and still undertake at the same time give 256M patriot Mp3.

Suo Ni VPL-CX70

The operation of airframe upside controls key

Mention Suo Ni VPL-CX70, the sense that gives a person is cabinet and delicate, what differ with other projector is this type do not have an all operations to bolt the setting is in airframe upside, concealed the function key with not commonly used part, also conceal even hind interface at the back of cover board even, go after ideal detail design to develop acme in this projector, white airframe appears already concise vogue. Overall measure is for (long × wide × is tall) 243.5 × of 298 × 69mm, weight is 2.9 kilograms.

the projector that is located in business affairs market surely to, the user values brightness and contrast quite, suo Ni VPL-CX70 used LCD umbriferous technology, the brightness of 2000 lumen and the resolution of 1024 × 768dqi, tie-in 450: The contrast of 1, general business affairs demonstrates to still can be competent. Considering the actual use condition of small-sized assembly room, suo Ni VPL-CX70 used F=1.6-1.78, the umbriferous camera lens of F=23.5-28.2mm, the distance in 2.4-10.4 rice but the picture of 1.06-7.62 rice, 2000 hours of the up to mark of umbriferous bulb service life of 165W UHP.

The hand of machine back ministry is moved adjust key-press

The additionally one big characteristic of Suo Ni projector is had namely full automatic control function, suo Ni VPL-CX70 is not exceptional also, 6 full automatic function (adjust angle of automatic a lid, automatic focusing, self-correcting, automatically like element, automatic echelon is installed and receive signal automatically to search) in also be being applied in this projector, handlers should press only switch, projector will open camera lens automatically, adjust umbriferous angle and detect input signal, use infra-red technology inside buy is automatic focusing module is opposite range finding anxious, undertake echelon is adjusted, when umbriferous picture is shown from screen, the person that need not use is debugged again, saved time to simplify to operate again already, be in those who advocate human nature to change a concept nowadays, this kind of function gains the favour of business affairs gens more easily.
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