Sun spreads out dozen fold sales promotion activity to entice an user to break a

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[dispatch of Sai Di net] on October 5 message, server big fight still is undertaking in. Current battle is centered in the An Tengping stage of Intel it seems that. The both sides of the battle is support or object how vacating platform.

According to Reed-electronics.com website report, after wearing Er to announce to sell An Teng server no longer just a few weeks, company of Sun small system sponsorred a new sales promotion activity, aim to attract server user to break away from the platform of An Teng server of Intel.

User of Sun advice server " break away from An Tengping stage " , if how HP vacates server user to convert the server of the Sun of certain type, sun will offer the discount of 12% for these users. What these servers of Sun use is AMD Opteron 64 processor.

Sun took vigorous sales promotion activity, say to server user with radical language " move on the chip set that a dying operating system fails in " not be a well-advised investment. Sun is pushed to the utmost next esteem him product, the server of advocate Sun and other server compare all sorts of had advantages, for example function, power consumption, price and the physical space that take up are waited a moment.

The plan that the activity of this sales promotion that Sun develops is apart from tycoon of a few servers to announce to promote An Teng server jointly has a week only. The firm that joins associated sales promotion how to vacate a server to plan includes Bull, Fuji to connect, Fuji connects Xi Menzi, day to stand, HP, Intel, NEC, SGI and Unisys.

Before about two weeks, daier announces it will be in the sale is exited how to vacate a solution before the end of the year this year. Dai Er expresses, it will continue to market the processor of Xeon of X86 server platform of Intel.