IBM marchs continuously data is protected (CDP) market

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IBM company will roll out a product that aims to support jotter and long-range site at next month, march from this continuously data is protected (CDP) domain.

This name IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection (continuously data is protected) product general appeared on the market on September 16 this year, its function is like name imply in that way: It can support a file, but do not support like database or email such application. Although it can cooperate to back up with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server data, but its basically are the user that is aimed at long-range site of jotter user or big company.

The CDP product that IBM rolls out compares foregoing a lot of complex CDP of a lot of poineering companies product function is little, but it is to write down heavy fist however for main to its backup competitor EMC and contest door Tieke. In the meantime, IBM also is to be in Microsoft to roll out its " accurate - CDP " promote oneself CDP product before product of file backup Data Protection Manager to the market.

Although back up the manufacturer is opposite in nearly a few months,CDP expresses huge attention, but IBM is broken till yesterday talent silent.

Chris Stakutis of CDP product manager states IBM will roll out more CDP products. He says: "This is the product of the first CDP that we roll out, because the file is us,consider protective capital fund most. " his complement says IBM can use CDP finally to protect data and application, perhaps can cooperate through undertaking with the poineering company that has had such products.

Triplet can duplicate the file when with the abidance at protecting a document data protects a product to be revised in the file, a reservation is in the system of the user, another move arrives with server of user connective file in. When this application software and union of Tivoli Storage Manager are used, triplet carbon will be sent in TSM backup server. If the user needs those who lose to restore or destroyed document, he can restore any has saved version.

In the CDP product that has come out, the product of IBM is close to the CDP of the LiveBackup of Storactive company and Lasso Logic most. Like IBM, these two manufacturers also are to use be based on the method of lead plane and transaction file data, but Storactive and Lasso also support and can restore Microsoft Outlook database. IBM handles the individual's document only.

As to other CDP products, the product of company level Rewinder CDP that XOsoft is based on a file supports inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells of the Shang Dynasty and database of Microsoft SQL server, the is based on module application software that company of Revivio company, system of Mendocino software, InMage rolls out also is such.
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