Muti_function business affairs car (MPV) become market new heat

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Muti_function business affairs car (MPV) is favorred nearly two years by the market, appeared from this the phenomenon that high-grade and light-duty passenger car is being replaced by MPV, caused the attention of manufacturer of consumer, light-duty car and Home MPV manufacturer. Analytic personage expresses, at present official business and business affairs tend with the car miniaturization, car is changed already became inevitable.

Below market economic system, mostly consumer thinks to send toward to be being greeted, those who represent enterprise and individual identity, position, class and form " by drive " must pay attention to. Then, quite one part is high-grade small customer user switchs and choose MPV. MPV has the luxurious and comfortable style that car ability reflects and class already, have again " minibus " just have bear the weight of space and agile and changeful seat combination. Accordingly, high-grade small customer lies in a market environment that can be replaced by a variety of model place, this just reflected a when market economy height develops new level, also show prospect of market of business affairs car is inviting.

It is reported, at present the price of MPV brunt model is centered in 200 thousand yuan or so, this price the price under product of small customer high end, the price of the product is carried in prep above. Look from luxurious degree, the car of MPV changes degree to want to exceed product of small customer high end far; Tell from safety, what use on almost all car is active configure with passive safety, have on MPV reflect; On stability under transport condition, because MPV inducted the automobile body technology of the car, it is apparently good that stability of its high speed wants the light-duty passenger car at the tradition; Tell from manufacturing technology, what MPV uses is the manufacturing technology that the car changes, and the comparatives to be used partly traditional still passenger car in light-duty passenger car manufactures technology. Accordingly, MPV replaces the phenomenon of product of small customer high end to had happened, because share of crop inadequacy, market is too small,just wait for a reason to cause this kind of concern not quite apparent just.

The expert points out, the product of small customer high end on traditional sense and MPV contend are muti_function car market, will be market of whole and light-duty car will comparative henceforth of period thematic. Rising MPV market, the height as market economy development lasts outspread, the class of the model also will appear to be mixed up be down two trends. Replace the MPV of product of high end of light-duty passenger car namely, will more the car is changed; Replace the MPV that the market carries in light-duty passenger car, the class of the product will is down outspread, pay attention to the feature of tool car more; And the market of high-grade and light-duty passenger car continues likely atrophic.

The data shows, in the market in car of popular a few business affairs, go up with car market in the government organization at present gains is maximum head shift car of business affairs of Jiang Huairui wind. As we have learned, since this car got offline March last year oneself, sold 4500 in all 2002, having 70% among them is to sell those who go to government organization and bank. According to agency introduction, region market waits in Hua Dong, Hua Na, lucky wind already out of stock. Not only wind of luck of business operator favour, a lot of official branches also begin wind of bend affection luck: After afterwards customs total office ordered car of Wu of 180 Taiwan businessmen, the trade department such as duty Wu, medicine also begins big batch ground to buy this car. Company of river the Huaihe River shows publicly about chief, korea of need of a few component offers lucky wind, if Korea is contemporary,can supply the word of fittings in time, the sale 2002 can promote 8000. The demand of the market makes Jiang Huai lucky wind the sale 2003 plans to promote 20 thousand.

It is reported, the government organization buys a car to have the characteristic of extraordinary: It is price line, interval of more than a certain price calculates exceed bid, because this is right price requirement is very strict; 2 it is to undertake choosing integratedly, after the price closes, from the office director of the government sector, director section chief, motorcade grows, wait a moment till motorcade driver, just decide integratedly to buy after 78 individual opinions. This selection process is each actually just be opposite the applicability, integrated balance process to class, other user place does not have this kind of choice.