The error that the bank ought to avoid in carrying invite public bidding of bank

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After home carries market of bank note car passes severe test of 7 years, no matter be manufacturer home or terminal user, to taking seriously the character of the product, after service more and more, market action is more and more mature also. To get the greatest use value, of product of car of carry bank note purchase progressively incline to to purchase mode at the group, undertake with the form of invite public bidding namely. Be in such purchasing in mode, be opposite for many times in the bank product " make frivolous remarks about sb " , strict to manufacturer requirement while, manufacturer also used a few relevant measure to come " answer " . This became some to plant it seems that " the cat catchs mouse " game, some invite public bidding just were immersed in it seems that a few bid just set below " trap " , also be puzzled by oneself wrong understanding sometimes. So, ought to the bank notice to avoid what to kind of error be immersed in in job of invite public bidding?

The first, price error. In was being purchased with the car of carry bank note of the year before last year last year, individual manufacturer is in competition put to good use all sorts of sale artifices, this among them the fiercest killer mace is price blood go all out, some manufacturer are to ignore normal cost almost, low contest is sold, seek profit space from inside depress cost of material next. Then, high grade and ballproof glass became pervious to light the inferior and ballproof glass that big, ballproof function differs sexual difference, ply, function imported ballproof armor plate primely to become common and homebred ballproof spring, have more very person, ballproof armor plate uses the local district at automobile body only, is not whole automobile body ballproof. As we have learned, the price six to one of high grade and ballproof glass and common and ballproof glass. As a result of,the business is produced in car of bank note of a few carry the reason of the price must local or when using data of common and ballproof glass entirely, another some of enterprise, be like Chongqing enlighten the horse, do not agree to use the common and ballproof glass of low case from beginning to end, and use the high grade and ballproof glass with qualitative actor high price all the time. These enterprises believe, character is the unripe counterfoil that can never abandon this, and the user is the final person that examine. The fact proves, such brand enterprise occupied supreme place of competition finally, and the bank that chooses to make product of price war company, often afterthought not is reached.

The 2nd, the exterior reachs interior trim error. A few manufacturers left very great time on product exterior design, produced special bottom turning even, and also made a lot of texts on interior trim design, let a client look to feel the product is very comfortable and easy. But, car of carry bank note is a kind of very special product that differs with common commercial vehicle. Because added ballproof idea, the use of ballproof material makes car of carry bank note self-prossessed very heavy, ask to do special processing on the detail such as structure of door structure, end door switch then, and these places by the exterior be not to look to give a difference to come, use ability for long to examine only the stand or fall that gives product quality. In carrying product of bank note car is purchased, what manufacturer of a few production often emphasizes its product exterior and interior trim is beautiful, and some banks also can be these explicit stuff place misdirect sometimes, ignored ballproof to the product, moving security make an on-the-spot investigation.
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