The market current situation of industry of car of carry bank note

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The experience of carry bank note that succeeds domestic and internationally makes clear, come off job of carry bank note come out to give company of professional escort in transportation, since drops the risk of carry bank note, actual option that reduces management cost. The professional work of escort in transportation showing paper money that at the same time this also gives our country banking is offerred can lay improvement theoretical foundation, it is the career of the light of a foreground that our country banking and international convention conform more. From home job of current escort in transportation grows a situation to look, professional escort in transportation more and more show powerful dominant position and vitality. Be like company of escort in transportation of Shenzhen power leopard, use only cars of 30% carry bank note were mixed once upon a time 20% right-and-left personnel, carried on Shenzhen the business of carry bank note of site of 90% above bank. Socialization of carry bank note to reducing the bank expenses, action this shows that raises economic benefits one spot.

Also be just about under this one academic support and powerful setting, our country prevented industry of car of the bank note that play movement to get swift and violent development. Market of car of carry bank note forms certain dimensions is in 90 time in later period, at that time, it is with light-duty compartment type the car is its dominant model. In the process that fashions in this one market, nanjing became the symbol of car of bank note of ballproof at that time carry according to Wei Ke. Return everywhere to be able to see the car of carry bank note that is chassis form a complete set with Yi Weike in urban highway now namely. Can have visions of is in what rise when the place on market of car of fortune bank note to urge action according to Wei Ke at that time. The Ke Yiji depending on dimension at that time's superior chassis performance is controlling major market share. Its sale amounted to 1200 above 1997. Namely this year, our country the Ministry of Public Security also came on stage accordingly " car of special carry bank note defends technical condition " , it is a mark with this, industry of car of ballproof carry bank note is accused in home formed. Have process of alignment of a time here, it can generalize the development course of an industry of domestic movement bank note and trade policy roughly.


Guangdong saves a Yu city to produce the paper money of 15 million yuan of carry that astonishs the throughout the country Che Dajie case, the bank carries the safe problem of bank note car causes the State Council to take seriously of the leader highly.


January, the State Council is special to sit a meeting, study deploy bank carries bank note safety works;
Feburary, system of our country banking specializations first times Inc. of escort in transportation of finance of power leopard of city of Shenzhen of company of carry bank note holds water;
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