Sexual price shows alone than exceeding Jiang Hongji X700 small fall

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Editor viewpoint: Deploying X700 to show clip independently is grand base the place with this the most absorbing TravelMate 4102lci, 4102lci also can be a jotter with the at present strongest performance of the 3D in Sonoma type, although its modelling appears relatively conservative as before, nevertheless 10 thousand yuan of price that come forward hold out a value really, show the user of function to those paying attention to especially.

[IT.com.cn Nanjing reports] small make up what ever had covered for everybody April grand base the TravelMate 4102lci that roll out, this jotter from appear on the market to be compared with sexual price up to now outstanding and favor for a lot of consumer, its are most outstanding sold a dot to use ATI Mobility RADEON X700 64M to show clip independently namely, 3D function is very driving. At present this prices are reduced somewhat, 11299 yuan, although fall not quite, but with grand base before the type that a few independence show clip is controlled in a price however, sexual price is compared more show scene.

4102lci is as before grand base consistent portfolio modelling, appear relatively conservative, overall the deal of 2.9kg is portable the gender also is poorer, do not cross the price that comes forward to 10 thousand yuan and the user that pay attention to 3D game, these also it doesn't matter hinders greatly.

In configuration respect, 4102LCi used 15 inches of XGA (1024*768) liquid crystal displays screen, processor of Pentium M 740 of Intel Dothan core, advocate frequency 1.73GHz (2 class of 533 bus line, 2M cache) , 915PM chip set, memory of tie-in 256M DDR333, 60GB hard disk, inside buy 802.11b/g Shuang Pin is wireless net card and COMBO CD driver, install the original operating system of edition of Windows XP HOME beforehand. Look from above parameter, the configuration of 4102Lci is quite driving, only memory respect is its obvious insufficient point, increasing memory of a 256M additionally nevertheless is not what tickler, come so the integral function of 4102Lci will promote further, completely OK and contented nowadays of the 3D game of the mainstream and large-scale software fluent move.