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Company of GfK of orgnaization of international market survey 2005 data of market research of retail to domestic key city terminal makes clear first quarter, market of chromatic laser printer erupts in the round. Among them, general of love of professional printer manufacturer is born and HP of manufacturer of old brand IT still is chromatic laser printer of retail market the biggest win the home, aipusheng ranked the market with the market share of 48% in March 2005 the first, HP criterion with the market share of 43% row the 2nd, two big tycoons in order to exceed the market share of 90% , firmly holds the share of retail market.

Show according to GfK data, laser printer of introductory class color still is the absolutely brunt that retail market sells, held whole retail market is close the portion of 70% , among them, the star product EPSON AcuLaser C1100 that Aipusheng appeared on the market last year in November has made the product of chromatic laser printer with retail the most welcome market, 30.9% what sheet tastes a sale to take whole market, sales volume champion, the 2nd is the 2550L of HP.

It is reported, as concept of chromatic business affairs gradually thorough, OAs of more and more common OA(Office Automation) what the user made chromatic laser printer is main buy an user, IDC data also shows laser printer of introductory class color has become market of integral color laser printer to rise a most rapid share, already held the share that integral market half controls at present. And of major OA user purchase an amount lesser, purchase way relatively agile, accordingly, the centre of gravity of sale channel of chromatic laser printer has changed retail channel increasingly from industry sale.

Chromatic laser printer is retail of channel important also make the devoted strength that each manufacturer increased pair of retail channel to build. Love general raw firm starts work in this respect earlier, product of chromatic laser printer is opened to experience an area inside brand shop, can feel the function of the product and printed quality personally for the user. What HP company also realizes retail channel is important, begin to enhance the sale ability of its terminal. In addition, if associate,chromatic laser printer is on the foundation of its PC retail channel undertake selling.

Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, chromatic laser printer already became IT to sell gradually one of a few kinds of products that get person attention most, although serve as business to use the chromatic laser printer of the product to cannot resemble ink jet printer possibly in that way with retail for main sale channel, but will look from the market of chromatic laser printer that is core to sell an user with medium and small businesses and SOHO office user at present, retail channel will still have quite main effect inside period of time.

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