Copycat of the number below the pine falls greatly 1000

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Editor viewpoint: Copycat of number of the 1520P below the pine fell greatly recently 1000 yuan, the price of this machine is 8500 yuan before, and 7580 yuan can be bought now, deserve a consideration really to office user.

[IT.com.cn Beijing reports] what will see 1520P show from the exterior is more chastening, put in congested office to be able to not take up too large space. And look than coming from the sexual price of this machine also be a right choice really.

1520P is collect duplicate, print two kinds of functions at an organic whole muti_function digital machine. The resolution that print is highest and OK achieve 1200 × the effect of 600, minutely can can print 15 pieces the most quickly. Can print A3 width of cloth greatly most, the packet that be worth what carry is a machine is 20M, if return the requirement that cannot satisfy customer so, so consumer can increase off line packet to 6GB, the incisively and vividly that the expansibility of 1520P shows.

In duplicate respect the resolution of 1520P can achieve 600*600, gray scale can reach 256 level, minutely can copy 15 pieces, with the function that print width of cloth of the biggest duplicate also is A3 width of cloth. Support shrinks put a function, support much Zhang Fuyin to be able to achieve 999 pieces at most, the packet distributing a page that the standard configures most greatly 16M, can upgrade to 12GB greatly most. A right choice is really for bigger to duplicate workload company.

1520P with 7580 yuan this price also is having an advantage quite in congener product. It is good to the vessel to if friends have need,might as well 3848 rooms have a look, phone: 010-82699587.