The near future buys PDA to look surely! Capital PDA market is dialytic in June!

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The product that lets oneself is occupational more market share. Such act can let the product of own brand gain the favour of more person energy of life and more client in the busy season that will come, we see recent Pda market level below how? Have again what kind of taste newly come out.

(Treo650 and Treo600)

In Topod series mobile phone considerably occupational smartphone market when, the occurrence of Treo650 is an ablaze star undoubtedly. Besides the smartphone this part, the other product value of Palm line also is adjusted somewhat, TUNGSTEN T this Palm market retail prices is machine of the first high component now 1650 yuan, had been in the degree that cannot fall again. TUNGSTEN T3 has stopped money thoroughly, TUNGSTEN TE falls reached 1500 yuan to also arrive almost by cereal, TUNGSTEN T5 also depreciates 2850 yuan. Be called all the time sexual price maintains the price in 2000 yuan to go downward no longer than preeminent ZIRE72. Although Palm is having,depreciate a chain ofly movement but a market beyond hotshot machine was not divided since the belt. In integral sale or the condition that are in cold and cheerless.


The company of number one HP in Ppc lead plane also got in these two months not small blow, the sale gross of each machine is apparent under other month, although HP was made a few depreciate but not only the price condition that allowed the market to appear to compare a disorder instead to the market without stimulation, in Beijing field retail prices has 200 yuan of right-and-left difference to even some of type difference achieves 300 yuan of above.

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