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Current family expenses PC, really coessential change an appearance very serious, this is incontestable fact. Manufacturer people the PC product that can offer very much the same, the type exterior that connects individual brand is to borrowed the apple waits a few famous manufacturers a moment. Consequently most consumer cares and relative just how is such-and-such brand configuration like He Hao, how the price is like why low, if why is character stabilized, and respect of function of the additional cost of the product with the very main person that true offset is expended, characteristic is rarer however the person alludes, this mature to market is a little abnormal really. Marxism plutonomy points out: The use value of commodity and supply demand relations decided the price with final commodity. Respect of supply demand relations, global PC market is record-breaking nowadays prosperity, basically be buyer's market, the calamity that unless encounter large-scale mankind,cannot defy, basically did not appear suddenly otherwise the likelihood of changeover of supply demand relations; Consequently the payoff of another price -- use value had crucial conclusive effect to the final price of the product! Will tell to most family user, the play of use value more concentration are in of the product change a design easily to go up with gender and human nature. And such PC has a firm only people capital of be willing to part with or use throws research and development, the adoption of innovation a series of new design ability is accomplished.

Nowadays, more and more family users regard a kind as family expenses PC " high-grade home appliance " will buy, unlike commercial user and professional user, user of great majority family does not have professional computer knowledge, and the consumable that computer regards a kind of high-tech as, the problem often is among use process great, ant is like more above BBS of each big IT website " card of ask for help " it is best proof! Various defect are pattern face-lifting really! The author once had done in brand machine brand shop, ever the domestic user that saw with one's own eyes has witnessed individual dish to arrive home gets online to open a webpage simply, leave 100 come, systematic natural resources is in short supply answer speed to exceed slow, breathe out greatly then small cry " dead machine! " call in a tearful voice, be like the JS that our everybody is kite, tell pass the time in a leisurely way assist also indissoluble hate, accuse you to the court to sit a few years the ability in firm heart will be some more at ease. To such dish bird, our old instructed one court, issueing put to repeated tests and proved right: The file of travel of the heavy command that start that should build to be able to move automatically on the desktop only, name for: "Gave a problem to doubleclick me please " . Tell a client next, if discover a problem, it is OK to doubleclick the 20 seconds such as this icon, ah! It is first-rate really with, the following day he says phone pay a return visit the sense is good, the machine is much sharper than before, hey! Ace reads the likelihood to want to laugh at my paediatrics to here, but the author is anything but in josh, the author lifts this example to want to show a sense namely: To user of great majority family, pursuit gallops 4 still be high end systematic dream deploys 64 hardware system and do not have too much real significance, good with, the PC that uses easily just is correct path! And good using the PC system that uses easily must be one arrives from software the solution with complete hardware, on this, a lot of manufacturers of home rolled out complete solution of individuation in the light of different fractionize market, the fact proves: The market still comparatives to this kind of product of self-identity!
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