Fall 3 1000! Fuji opens 15 inches of notebook head broken 9 1000 close greatly

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The editor remembers having second connect in a Fuji chat, their power source is told with the editor have an interesting thing. The jotter that he feels day fastens 3 old brands is in the 3 old brands that fasten with the United States can corresponding rise, the HP that Fuji connects the IBM that is equivalent to the United States, Toshiba to be equivalent to the United States, and the Dai Er that NEC is equivalent to the United States

Expansibility respect, because introduced 15.1 inches big fuselage, the interface of C1211D is rich very, deployed 2 4 USB2.0 interface, Type II, in addition infrared interface, and mouth, string together interface of mouth, PS/2, VGA interface to wait quite all ready. C1211D installed Windows XP operating system beforehand, use power supply of 4-cell 2000mAh batteries, add boat time is 2 hours about. Overall make an appointment with 3.25 kilograms again, those who enjoy 3 years is qualitative defend a service.

Look from the exterior, the exterior design of C1211D continued Fuji knows consistent style, used the unique design of black and white and dichromatic confluence, look to Fuji connects the flavour of the product. Quite regrettablly because introduced 15 inches fuselage, is, and complete inside buy design, 3.25 kilograms weight gives this mobile sexes to cause not little trouble. And, the add boat ability of 2 hours also is one soft costal region.

In general, want to choose this jotter, have to need its appropriate fixed position. Its quality that sells a dot to Dothan processor, Fuji is connected and protect 3 years character, be not worth even if before saying weight follows batteries. If you are not tall to the mobile sex requirement of jotter, so might as well consider this this. Be in after all fell repeatedly 1000 yuan 3 later, of 8999 yuan of special offer it, return dispute to often have sexual price to compare. Interested friend mights as well ZhongGuanCun each are big Fuji connects brand shop to look! This price may do not have too much favourable leeway, but the eloquence that everybody can develop him, nod small gifts with businessman lane of what.