Fusible pattern is cast summarize

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1 overview Fusible pattern is cast say " breaks candle to cast " again, it is normally a fireproof material is counted on wax-pattern surface besmear, wait for its after sclerosis is dry, go to among them wax-pattern frit and make shape housing, repass roast, undertake next pouring, and a kind of means that obtains cast, have taller dimension precision and face as a result of acquisition cast bright and clean degree, friend says nicety of " fusible pattern casts " again. The alloy sort that casting of usable fusible pattern produces has alloy of carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resisting, stainless steel, nicety alloy of alloy, permanent magnetism alloy, bearing alloy, copper alloy, aluminium alloy, titanium and nodular cast iron. The appearance of fusible pattern cast is compared commonly complex, on cast but the smallest diameter that casting gives opening can amount to 0.5mm, the least wall of cast is large for 0.3mm. Aborning the part that a few spare partses are combined and can become a few primary reason, through changing the structure of the spare parts, the design makes integral part and cast casting to go out by fusible pattern directly, use up with saving those who process man-hour and metallic data, make spare parts construction more reasonable. The weight of fusible pattern cast is zero ox mostly (namely a few grams go to a few kilograms) , too heavy cast is produced with fusible pattern casting relatively troublesome, but the weight that produces big fusible pattern cast at present already amounted to 800 oxen left and right sides. Process of fusible pattern foundry technology is more complex, and not easy control, the data that use and uses up is more valuable, it applies to reason manufacturing figure demand of complex, precision is high, or the small-sized part that undertakes other is machined very hard, the first working procedure that casts production like the production fusible pattern of the 2 fusible pattern such as the lamina of turbine engine creates fusible pattern namely, fusible pattern is to be used form fireproof model housing is medium-sized the model of antrum, should gain dimension precision and face so bright and clean degree of tall cast, above all fusible pattern itself should have tall dimension precision and face bright and clean degree. In addition the function of fusible pattern itself still should make as far as possible subsequently make model the process such as housing goes easily simply. To get the fusible pattern of afore-mentioned high quality requirements, besides due good profiling (the mould of suppress fusible pattern) outside, still must choose right patternmaking stuff (abbreviation model expects) with sound patternmaking technology. The function of material of patternmaking of 2.1 models makings should assure to be made so that dimension mixes accurately conveniently not simply the surface is bright and clean degree tall, strength is good, the fusible pattern with light weight, it still should is model the production of housing and obtain good cast to create a condition. The model expects general the makings that use candle, natural colophony is mixed plastic (synthetic resin) make up. Every basically expects with candle the modular makings that make up calls makings of candle radical model, their melting point is inferior, for 60 ~ 700C; The modular makings that every basically makes up with natural colophony calls makings of colophony radical model, melting point is tallish, make an appointment with 70 ~ 1200C. 2.2 models expect make up reach reclaim 1) the model expects making up the purpose that makes up modular makings is all sorts of raw material that composition the model expects mix even an organic whole, the condition that makes the model expects accords with the requirement of suppress fusible pattern. When making up, basically make all sorts of raw material fused with heating method mix an organic whole, fall in cooling circumstance after that, expect the model acuteness agitate, make modular makings becomes paste to cream condition is used for suppress fusible pattern. Also have sometimes expect the model liquid of frit melt into is direct and pouring the circumstance of fusible pattern.
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