Asustek Computer Repair suspected to have been "perpetrating a fraud"

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Liu, Nankai District, reflect hotline to the newspaper, said his access to the Internet is a problem of the computer screen, the ASUS service center in the maintenance Shique secretly replaced CPU. "I'm looking for a customer many times, the other party is not to solve. Brand computer service center, regardless of how such a reputation, to steal an important component for the customer?" Newspaper repeatedly to contact Asus service center, the reception staff despite the denial of Mr. Liu This argument, but agreed to the replacement of more computer configuration, as to Mr. Liu's "compensation." Liu introduced, said he bought it last August 1000HE the Internet platform of the model. As of now, the products still under warranty. Recently, the computer screen frequently abnormal, so he put the Internet to 22 layers in the specified Bainaohui at Asustek Computer repair service center, check the repair. "Maintenance staff, said the motherboard is broken, can be repaired within five days. I agreed to stay in the service center computer." However, Liu made the unexpected, when the computer service center to inform him back, he found computer power light there is a problem, from the green to red now. "First thought is not static, you can unplug and plug in the power again and again, the computer's power light is still red. So I quickly opened the BLOS computer set to view, find CPU and not the same." Mr. Liu said that he had work at a computer company, on the computer have some knowledge of his closer look revealed that the CPU of the original Internet "Atom n280" replaced by "Atom n270". "The two models compared, n280 price is higher, the frequency is higher, the signal is better, the speed should be much faster. A difference to the hundred." More than angry, Mr. Liu several times to contact ASUS customer service, but has not been resolved. "Maintenance staff does not recognize the substitution of my CPU, explained that transport the batch may be a problem. But if indeed this reason, it is certainly a lot of the Internet have a problem ah. This interpretation can not be justified." Surface The question of Mr. Liu, the staff proposed that the computer testing center for repair. "They are generally detected in the back room without permission, I can not send, fearing they secretly changed the CPU back." Newspaper immediately to the ASUS service center for information. "We let Mr. Liu sent test, he refused to agree, we have no means." Reporters quoted Mr. Liu in the "face detection" request, the service center said, "according to company policy, we can not children to meet this requirement However, we can personally come for testing, and we will try to communicate with customers and properly handle the issue. " Recently, Liu call the newspaper said the service center has taken the initiative to contact him, but never agreed to face detection, he proposed the replacement of PCs. Because the Internet is currently out of stock on the same model, manufacturers After study, the higher his replacement notebook models. "I returned to reform the broken computer center, the staff did not even look directly away. When in fact, replace the CPU has been their 'default', just not openly admit it." The industry said in an interview Mr. Lee, "substitution of the core parts" is computer maintenance industry has long been the unspoken rules exist. He reminded consumers, maintenance of computer to try to consult the industry on the failure to do know the answer, choose a powerful and reputable business, maintenance, and more careful and keep it after completing the maintenance list and invoice payment.