Skilled in the letter of 2111 money counter banknote shortage 3K Shenyang

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Today Xiaobian model for everyone to bring a letter of 2111 is the note-image evaluation forum cash registers offer online shopping Nett. The machine uses a unique letter in the note-magnetic image analysis technology, face detection and analysis of the magnetic information is more accurate, especially for identifying new, the old magnetic "super" counterfeits have a stronger effect. Authenticity face and more accurate. Sanhao offer 2,900 yuan, a friend might like to find out. Appearance: note the letter of 2111 cash registers in the small, lightweight, compact machine structure, work well, currency display more intuitive. Function, note the letter in 2111 Banknote Counter Counting Speed up to 1000 sheets / min ,0-999 count range. The use of advanced digital all-digital detection and fuzzy control technology, fully compatible with the new, the old version of RMB Discriminating and folders detected. Adaptive technology, the cash registers more secure long-term stability. High-speed single-chip computer and data acquisition module, a comprehensive interpretation of real money side information, so in order to really prevent false.