Enhance the function of strengthening the Bureau of speed banknote counter sale

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Bureau of C516 is a stylish appearance with a sleek, powerful cash registers. Bureau of inheritance consistent product quality purposes, Bureau of C516 to ensure the performance of the situation, is business, "Core-Thai Business" is quoted only 990 yuan, interested friends may wish to contact businesses. Bureau of C516 is small yet elegant appearance, with a Chinese LCD display, the operation contents at a glance. Working noise less than 60db, quiet. Other parameters, the Bureau of C516 with overload protection, thermal protection, no longer worried about their jobs during a sudden strike. Moreover, it supports USB real-time upgrades, and is free of charge. As a counter, its authenticity Counting speed and the ability to identify the most important. The Bureau of C516 to ensure the quality of these 2 points. It uses magnetic ink and magnetic security thread Kam Kam pseudo-pseudo dual security, fluorescent pseudo-Kam, Kam pseudo-magnetic, magnetic security thread Kam false, pseudo-sub-version of infrared Kam way: Oita small, small sub-large, four sets of five sets of each sub-exception face recognition. Automatic start and stop, automatic spit notes, and other useful features explicit support readily available.