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In October, a year in the premier of "human months." New marriage, family celebration, the store opened, one after another after another wedding, "cash gifts IOUs," the new cash registers and other props are also debut. As long as something must be courteous After the holiday, the work of state-owned enterprises in Nanjing, a small yellow row of young people to borrow money from friends. The face of my colleagues ask, small yellow frankly stated: "Eleventh attended three weddings, wedding out of every 500; niece full moon to send a 6,666 yuan a large red envelope full reimbursement of wages for two months." "Human month" has the fire in the high-end gift market. Press 12 in a large supermarket in Nanjing Hexi learned, though two have passed, high-end liquor sales are still very hot. Li Yanyan counter liquor salesman told reporters these days, in the high-end liquor sales increase compared with the off-season Jinsi Cheng. "These wines so expensive, are certainly going to buy gifts." "Is there no gifts, such as their own relatives, classmates between friends?" To hear a reporter's question, one to the middle-aged cadres old Liu a white reporter, "They treat you to dinner, and consequently do not, how the future deal? " Gifts helpless change "IOUs" Nanjing, the couple married during the National Office of wine, wedding red packets received several friends the same age, which is not a single cent gift, only a beautiful card, a letter to "wish the wedding down the clause value of 500 yuan, to Japan by I attended this wedding. " For these few "gifts IOUs," the planning and implementation of the idea of Wang explained, "The students, friends, goes to a marriageable age, are now standard elements more and more money, it can not afford to hit a white striped dig , anyway, so I got married, he would not with the ceremony. " Although it seems fair to the other, but the number of parties or others are not mind the taste. Was received at the wedding "gifts IOUs," said Miss summer, a friend she can understand the difficulties and intention, but in the joyful occasion of receiving such an alternative, the red envelope, or feel uncomfortable. In addition, parents will see the upset. Young people to attend the wedding IOUs, it is quite upset. 40-year-old Zhang Yun Jin in the vicinity of the hotel runs a cigarette, often exposed to all kinds of ganchang giver. He told reporters that the wedding with the ceremony in Nanjing was the standard in the 200 to remain for many years, but the past two years, "elements of money" is blowing up channeling. "Now the market, marriage generally 500, is necessary to point thousands of relations in the past; open at least a 500, too Nabuchushou." Reporter found that the situation did not seem much ceremony and correlation. Xinjiekou reporter did simple survey near, nearly 20 respondents, nine said that according to market with the gift of adult; only two that level according to whether a close relationship with the gift with the gift and the amount. Professor of Sociology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Zhang Jie, told reporters, human courtesy initially small range of mutual aid and social life. In rural areas, costly weddings and funerals, relatives and neighbors will "with the elements" to help them weather the storm. But now the human courtesy is becoming materialistic, but spiritual content was reduced. When people do not feel emotional comfort brought etiquette, anxiety, and consequent variations to the community, this is a very dangerous signal. Wedding spend money counter Building materials business to do in Wuxi Yang, travel extensively, be seen the world, but a few days ago a friend of his son to participate in the marriage, or was "Ray" a bit. "Out of the ceremony, guests may be more, and I see the banquet hall in front of the stage stood a sign -counter, guest gifts sent directly to the machine so a go." At that moment, cash registers, "Brush brush "ringing off the hook, so that Yang reminding us of scenes are in the business field, working with clients with a great deal. Reporters from a number of wedding service companies have found that in the past marriage, usually by the new family or couple is responsible for receiving and keeping their own gifts. With the rise in the amount of cash gifts, some new requirements of the hotel or wedding companies counter, it has become a regular wedding services. If we say that the emergence of cash registers, but only a form of "transaction"; then, some cases become naked "on the other exchange." After the holiday, several of the newly married husband and wife met on the Internet, everyone agreed that the: wedding planning travel for a long time did not take place. Originally, when the young men who do not tell their parents the idea of a feast when was the unanimous opposition of several adults: no feast, in the past to send out how to recover the money come from? Some experts pointed out that last year, mainly to the donation of human Nanjing residents spending accounts for the proportion of disposable income has reached 6.6%, when the gift of normal life of residents enough time, anxiety is created. "Or sent to the health of the whole society advocacy ceremony, heart gift, creative gift, if the nominal pay less, 'elements' are not jumped, the alienation of the 'human' is also a natural response normal."