Machine of bank dot bank note makes mistake remand actively to 1000 undergraduat

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2000 yuan are taken in bank bar, consumption 900 multivariate hind there still is 2000 in purse multivariate, in the Song Yu that Chongqing communication institute goes to work this ability realizes, surely bank much “ gives ” many Qian Ken. Yesterday, specially of eaves of the Song Dynasty rises big early, the fund return bank that gives more.
Eve in the morning, yu Hepeng friend invites the Song Dynasty to shop about, 2000 yuan are taken in subbranch of a bank of California of Chongqing of Bank of China. Rambled one day, after carrying one caboodle booty to come home in the evening, song Yu begins clear an account. At this moment quirk appeared: When taking money in the morning, there are 300 yuan only in purse, consumed by day 900 multivariate, remnant is returned unexpectedly in purse nowadays 2400 yuan. Yu Sailai of the Song Dynasty wants to go, have an explanation only: The bank gave more 1000 multivariate, did not think of the machine that order paper money makes mistake unexpectedly.

“ did not think of he comes so quickly. ” yesterday, mention Song Yu to return the responsibility of money, work number the female cashier of 10127 is very excited, she says, the day before yesterday Song Yu will take money, her conveniently was taken one crowded Qian Fang takes the chance that order paper money, the likelihood nodded bank note machine to go out to select small issue, unexpectedly most 1000 yuan. When auditting accounts in the evening, discover little money, prepare morrow and connection of eaves of the Song Dynasty originally, did not think of he came first.

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