Listen to complaint to listen to machine of bank note giving a point

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  One young to the Chongqing of emigrant already Canada couple, be in snack, small the business chance with the tremendous discovery in feeding the city with bristly inn, the healthy quick meal that gave the first modernization leaves to deserve to send a company in southwest, at present they should produce on 10 thousand meals to send toward everyday advocate city a few areas. Yesterday, agitato of total deputy Ms. Yu Guofan tells limited company of food of Chongqing rice pa the reporter, did not think of practice the 2nd month begins to make money.

Listen to complaint to listen to a business chance to come

Where to go to midday repast is a thing that makes Chongqing white-collar pained all the time. The small meal inn all round many office building often not quite clean. A white-collar that works in emancipatory tablet tells a reporter, the office building that he is in has had hundreds of people, everyday many people call midday cry around small feed inn to send snack, wholesome condition is bad, more do not talk to go up healthy.

The Yu Guofan after deal is successful and marital immigrant go to Canada, when answering Chongqing and friend party, they understand Chongqing white-collar to be opposite from inside friend mouth accidentally the bellyful of current situation complaint of lunch and snack industry. The each country of Europe of all previous of Ceng You of Yu Guofan's couple that likes travel and cate, sampled a large number of exotic cate, particularly right the snack blame of a few countries of European often favors, then, they with respect to bud the idea that the snack that drives a high level matchs to send a company.

Subsequently, the Beijing that two people specially develops to snack industry, Shanghai, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Japan makes an on-the-spot investigation on the spot, consulted many expert of snack industry.

In make an on-the-spot investigation, yu Guofan discovers, beijing already had the 60 many kitchens central, and Chongqing is done not have. The snack of Shanghai already held the share of 80% in meal course of study, and Chongqing has 17% only, still should have greater progress space, then they decide the 2nd times to do poineering work from deserve to send snack proceed with.

Make standardization snack

Before two many months, yu Guofan and husband threw many yuan 500 together, build in Chongqing removed the first to have 1500 square metre the snack of central kitchen deserves to send inn---Rice pa home. According to introducing, in the center of rice pa home of the kitchen continuous rice produces a system, in southwest it is first, can produce rice of 10 thousand boxes everyday. Arrive from the pre-treatment of food raw material meal of cook, cook a meal, match board, abluent, disinfection to wait for a series of jobs surely, centrally kitchen is finished.

Yu Guofan says, they created department of product research and development technically still even, development suits production to carry, convenient purchase, the product that fits production to machine minute of outfit to reach content shedding to deserve to send. Arrive from the practice end June now, rice pa home already opened 3 straight battalion to experience inn in emancipatory tablet and other places.
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