After bank note machine makes work, intelligent dot has safeguard

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Chen Yanyan of reporter of N our newspaper

Report from our correspondent termed begins, long happy the accountant Xiaoliu of an elementary school is quite vexed: Parents will pay the tuition fee, nod ” of Di of Di of total “ of bank note machine to call the police unluckily, the money that takes out card to live was looked at look at again, par and concave and convex, lines is very distinct, ultraviolet ray is illuminated also be no problem, the parent says what just took on the ATM to this money is a bank, how to close with respect to what cannot pass to order bank note aircraft? Xiaoliu dialed the telephone after service business makes work, be informed to grow however happy did not maintain a dot, the ability after the master wants a few days arrives.

Be perplexed by machine of dot bank note, but more than small Liu Yiren, the Lv director of allied businessman says, if the machine that order paper money is nonsked maintain, the component such as magnetic head, sensor is touched very easily dirt, rusty, wear away even, when ordering money, not allow easy accurate identifying money of true and false, and the safeguard after the home's at present retail machine that order paper money makes work is insufficient still and perfect, especially city of class of a few counties, maintain after carry out, maintenance is more troublesome.

To satisfy the need of more enterprise, family, rise now, rolls out machine of bank note of tens of fund features, check, give priority to with intelligence machine, stability is good, rate of false alarm is low, can undertake comprehensive analysis to money of pieces of whole bank note, identify paper money of true and false accurately. Among them QL510 series, entrance magnetic head, market price 1850 yuan, 968111 members price 1580 yuan; Allied businessman is affirmatory: Machine delivery of cargo from storage works 5 times in a few days, not less than use dog; Inside a month, not less than use 3 times dog; Inside a year, every months of service dogs, do not come to be safeguarded actively regularly; After a year, still will nonsked safeguard dog; From receive client newspaper to repair case, half weekday reachs the urban district and seasonable rehabilitate, be like cannot repair earlies childhood for reserving businessman of machine …… alliance is in city of complete province each district to have 50 brand shop, nearby is safeguarded and can maintain machine, signed agreement of the safeguard after strict carry out with, it is better to ensure after service is done, more attentively.