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Tall fall Zou Feng receives a song. Came 7 days on September 6, mechanism of subbranch of a bank of county of short for Shaanxi Province reachs business ministry faculty is entire an action, fight continuously through two days, finish college of technology of 3 gorge profession successfully tuition of enter a school of 5214 new students is acting accept the job. Between two climate, should take the place of in all all right receive tuition 32.97 million yuan, issue borrow write down card 5257 pieces, only this one only business came true to add deposit newly to year of subbranch of a bank to plan 113.5 million yuan namely, the 16760 contribution that Zhang Sancheng controls lead hairpin quantity task, effect of odd pen business starts system of whole town banking again intermediate business new record.


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From this year the bottom began in April, face construction bank to get basically already school the adverse phase that just approves, subbranch of a bank of county of short for Shaanxi Province is strong hit out, adopt a series of answering in time measure: It is to increase strength of high-level public relations. Lv Shuqing of Zhanggong army president, officer president comes for many times, with department of finance of 3 gorge city, institute the leader is communicated harmonious. Business department head Comrade Sun Pengtao stares at an institute closely relevant agency person, close attention a got-up affair develops a process, rush about at doing business between ministry and professional technology institute, timely help solves all sorts of specific problems. 2 it is to increase conduct propaganda to build situation. Hold with institute of technology of 3 gorge profession all the way the geographical dominant position that separate, should do the high grade servive routine of good bar business on one hand all right, teachers and students feels the school that conduction business comes to before making kind, convenient, act fact persuades conduct propaganda; On the other hand, this promotion serves a means, conformity serves an item, use all sorts of means such as column of propagandist stage, conduct propaganda, placard adequately, build the good society image of this sincere letter, efficient, deal with concrete matters relating to work, enterprising actively. 3 it is aggrandizement science and technology is propped up. In lack off-the-peg generation controls tuitional business software, should build special organization all right, thorough investigation understands demand for service of professional technology institute, the student that understands an institute collects fees systematic encode regulation and interface standard, on this foundation, seek branch of science and technology of city subsidiary bank, bank to block the function department support such as the center, via be being designed for many times, debug, developed successfully eventually advanced, practical, collect fees with the institute systematic butt joint is not had by accident interface program, got school speak very highly of just. The quick response of this have a definite object in view got bright result, also make should go in with in show itself in the intense competition of the financial orgnaization such as company of letter of travel, Construction Bank, city, obtained tuitional generation to stop a the sole agency.
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